The Aristrocrats!

Eagerly looking forward to probably not being able to see this. For those who don’t know, it’s a documentary where about 100 comedians, actors, and whatnot tell the same joke. The catch is that it is a famous insiders’ joke among entertainers, and the whole point is to make it as incredibly filthy as possible.

The reason I probably won’t be able to see it is because they left it unrated, as it was going to get an NC-17, based on nothing except language. Which is pretty fucked up, right there.

It’s also supposed to be a very insightful look into the nuts and bolts of comedy by comedians, as well as being incredibly funny.


NC-17 for language? Thats fucked.

I want to see this as well. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to go to San Francisco to see it, so it may not happen. 100 miles is a bit of a drive to see a movie.

I’m sure it is as funny as a Friar’s Club roast.

The most interesting part to me is how this movie is being used as part of Bob Saget’s PR campaign to make a comeback as a “blue” comedian. First he shows up on Entourage as a boozing, smoking, whoremonger, and now the provided buzz is that the filthiest version of The Aristocrats is the one told by Bob Saget! Have there been any other Bob Saget placements recently?

He was over at your girlfriend’s/wife’s/mom’s house last night!

Speaking of roasts, it contains Gilbert Gottfried’s rendition of The Aristocrats at the Hugh Hefner roast, which is supposed to be the funniest thing in the universe according to those who attended. I’m not a fan of his at all, but in the roast format, he’s pure gold.

Also, I’d like to see that one guy, Jeffrey something, that does all the Friar’s roasts. He’s consistently the best of show, and pushes the basic-cable envelope every time.

Lastly, do any of you internet gurus have an idea where to get a video of The Amazing Jonathan’s roast, where Penn and Teller did a Christ-being-fellated-by-a-midget-angel bit? I don’t even know if it was taped by anyone, but I’d pay dearly to see that.


I don’t see how it could get much filthier than the South Park version. (very NSFW)

Yeah, I saw that before I had heard of the movie, and the joke completely missed me. I guess you have to know the purpose of the joke to appreciate the filth, rather than wait for a good punchline.


Part of the reason comedians like the joke is that there really isn’t a punchline: most of the humor of the joke is in the person that tells it. A way of showing that even without a punchline, the comedian can still make them laugh.

For folks like me who read through most of this thread with glazed noncomprehending eyes, I present: an explanation

I’ve been interested in seeing this for awhile. I love these behind-the-scenes comedian documentaries (like Seinfeld’s Comedian) and such. And this one has probably the largest assembly of comedians I’ve ever seen so really… I can’t see how it could be bad.

As for the Saget thing, you guys have seen Half Baked haven’t you? Saget says some pretty interesting things in that movie.

Somewhere I’ve got this tape of Gottfried bombing, just cratering, on Letterman. By the end of it he’s riffing on three’s company, with Norman Fell having to prove to the Nazi’s that he’s really who he says he is by claiming “Joyce DeWitt is a consumate actress”.

It’s a disaster, but it’s also one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Saget, as much as I loathe Full House and the home video show, has always been very blue in clubs. He arguably has the dirtiest version in this documentary, according to reviews. And, god help me, he’s pretty funny in his cable specials.


I got to see this at SIFF. It starts out a bit slow, drags on a bit long, but when it pulls it off it’s frickin GREAT.

The rape bit and the mime bit are easily my two favorite moments in the film.

I still don’t get it. Why did anyone ever think this nonsense was funny?

I had no idea what this was before I saw the SP version and still thought o it funny.
Kyles exasperated “Dude!” and the final “I don’t get it…” is what does it for me.

I’m really looking forward to this, but will probably have to wait for a dvd-release. Not because of the language, but because American standup-movies (not made by Eddie Murphy and called Raw) simply don’t get a release here.

Saget, as much as I loathe Full House and the home video show, has always been very blue in clubs. He arguably has the dirtiest version in this documentary, according to reviews. And, god help me, he’s pretty funny in his cable specials.


Yeah, never having heard of Saget until Full House, I found it interesting what Paul Provenza (co-director of The Aristocrats!, and a fine comedian in his own right) said on Opie & Anthony yesterday (hurray for XM Radio!). He mentioned that while most people find it ironic that Bob was so blue after his comedy years, whereas most of the people ‘in the biz’ found it ironic that someone who has ALWAYS been so blue managed to land a gig like Full House in the first place. Makes you wonder how hard the eyes in his head rolled when he was dishing out the cornball humor on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

I still don’t get it. Why did anyone ever think this nonsense was funny?[/quote]

It isn’t funny in the usual sense of the word. On the commentary track for “Comedian”, Seinfeld talks a little bit about how professional comedians are like junkies - they’re around humour so much that they get desensitized to it, so they only laugh at the “hard stuff”, if you will. That’s why people like Sarah Silverman, David Cross or Gilbert Gottfried are highly regarded by other comics but not nessesarily by audiences. This movie (which sounds great, by the way) is probably a good example of that.

I was actually going to post about hearing Paul Provenza on Opie and Anthony, but Lionel beat me to it. I really hadn’t heard anything about this movie until hearing the interview with him and I desperately want to see it now. Seeing comedians off stage has always been fantastically entertaining to me and the premise behind this movie just looks really great. If any of you interested in The Aristocrats haven’t seen the movie Comedian, go check it out.

Look it up on iFilm…the South Park version of the joke is a RIOT.

And yes, there’s very good reason for an NC-17 “just for language.” You should HEAR the language.

As for Bob Sagat - if you ever see any of his old stuff before that dreadful TV show and that other dreadful TV show, he was a VERY “blue” comic. And he was a riot. Seriously! I’m glad he’s trying to make a comeback with it.