The Aristrocrats!

Saw this last night, thought it was quite good. It does feel a little long, mainly because you can only hear so many versions of the joke, but it’s all interesting, and everyone involved is clearly having a great time, so it’s easy to laugh along.

Provenza did a Q&A after the screening, which was pretty basic stuff. Mostly people asked how long it took to make (5 years), how much it cost (he doesn’t know because Penn paid for it), who said no to being in it (he wouldn’t say, and he very swiftly deflected a question about whether or not they asked Chevy Chase), what he thought about the AMC thing (he really didn’t care, but due to the film’s sold-out showings in NYC and LA, AMC has “been on the goddamn phone all weekend” trying to get the movie back). Then of course there was the fat, mulleted, attention whore comedy geek guy who kept asking stupid questions just to show Provenza he knew about stand-up comedy, one of which involved asking Provenza if he’d seen Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious.” Are you serious? Who the fuck hasn’t seen that, especially people actually working in comedy? At the end the guy asked which character Provenza would want to see Richard Pryor do the Aristocrats joke in, and Provenza just kind of stared at him and gave him a quick answer (which I couldn’t really hear due to my friend next to me muttering about how geek boy should shut up) and the comment “You’re a comedy geek, aren’t you?”

The great part was that he talked extensively about how he wants to pack all kinds of stuff on the DVD that couldn’t be in the movie. Several of the comedians’ versions of the joke were so long and well-crafted that they weren’t included in the film because there was just no way to edit them down and keep them coherent. He also urged everyone to go to and submit their own version of the joke for inclusion on the DVD.

Overall, if you’re not offended by language (and you shouldn’t be), it’s absolutely worth seeing. My pick for best version in the film: Sarah Silverman. Absolutely killed me. My God, that woman is hot.

Bob Sagat will forever be associated with sucking dicks for crack.

I may have to see this movie.

I just saw this flick and I have to say, I thought it was only okay. To be honest with you, most of the comedians go down the exact same road and it’s not all that crazy. I could probably come up with one of my own more outlandish than a number of them.

Another problem I have is that while they’re all putting this joke up on a pillar, it feels like they have a hard time finding words to talk about the joke. This gets kind of boring. Then some of the jokes are absolutely hysterical, but the others get edited and interspersed with other footage to completely kill the whole thing (Gilbert’s ended up being a painful “You had to be there” deal).

But Sagat does get some good stuff in there, I like Carlin’s opening one, and Sarah Silverman is a goddess. To be the guy in her life is to truly be a genuinely lucky guy.

To be the guy in her life is to truly be a genuinely lucky guy.

I think that guy is Jimmy Kimmel. So, you might have a shot.

Silverman is disturbingly good at tap-dancing on that painful/funny line.

Yes, Sagat’s is the funniest. It’s that fucking innocent grin on his face.

I don’t get how anybody could come out of that movie not thinking the high point is Kevin Pollak doing Christopher Walken doing the joke.

Yeah, Pollack, or the mime, or South Park (“Neither do I.”) easily top Saget. He was way too self-aware during his telling.

Pollack’s was good, and I could maybe see someone other than me liking it better than Saget’s. But the South Park one was mediocre.

Ugh… I had no idea what a “Dirty Sanchez” was until I read that wiki…

And I don’t know if I’m more disturbed that I now know or that Veronica Mars makes a reference to it.

Well, Gilbert Gottfried’s is up there, mostly because of the setting (but he can tell that joke damned good regardless).

I finally got around to seeing this and really it was a great show all around. I think the high points of the movie for me was when Kevin was doing Christopher Gilber was doing the roast and then the south park part.

It was kinda a neat little insight in to the world of comics.