The Arma 3 hype thread

The bootcamp prologue campaign is the tutorial campaign isn’t it?

With that name, I’m going to guess that’s it. I don’t have the game installed to check.

Based on the research I did awhile ago, I assume this is a keyboard-and-mouse only game? My elbow is pretty screwed and I’m really only able to use Xbox controller games now.

I use an Xbone controller to fly helis, but I would think it would be difficult to do infantry with one. That said, I’ve never actually tried it. Seems like aiming would be tough. Always room for good heli pilots though :)

Ohhhhh, good to know you can use the gamepad to fly helos. I’m very excited to try those.

Yeah, it made flying much easier for me. As usual with ARMA there was some head-scratching to get it to recognize and set up my controller but once I got that sorted I did much better. Still manage to crash an awful lot of em ;)
There is a great mission you can download on the workshop that is set up to practice flying where you pick a chopper and do a bunch of practice runs picking up troops and dropping them off, sometimes under fire. Highly recommend that one, and one of the various firing range missions that let you play with all the toys. Good way to figure out yer gear before you are in the middle of a fight wondering how to adjust the range on your grenade launcher etc.

Ohhh, might you link that please?

Here’s the heli one I was using:

And it apparently has a new multiplayer version:


Thanks much!

The troop transport helicopter mission in the… thing that introduces stuff - Tutorial? Armory? - was a lot of fun. I played it many times over, with M&K too.

In fact as 🎅 provided a shiny new 2080S, I think I’ll reinstall :)

I started playing the Vindicta mod since Overthrow appears abandoned and Antistasi was a pain to play solo. It’s a guerilla warfare mod like those other two but doesn’t use missions. You enter a town and talk to civilians to gain location intel on the government bases and police stations. You also recruit the civilians to forment revolution but have to make sure the police don’t see you or you lose your undercover status. When you recruit enough the town goes into revolt and some citizens start attacking the government forces in town. This is helpful as a distraction because you have to get supplies from police stations , installations, and off the dead to build up your arsenal and build bases. You also get intel such as planned attacks and convoys off computer gear you loot from the enemy.

I’m just getting started but it seems interesting so far. I went into one town and started a revolt to get into a police station to get some submachine guns and vests. I’m walking the streets to case the station. Police are running around arresting citizens then a police patrol gets blown up by an IED set off by one of the citizens. A few minutes later a military transport truck pulls up at the edge of town and unloads a squad of heavily armed soldiers. They rush into the town to engage the rebels. One soldier stays behind to guard the truck. I pull up behind the transport in my pickup and get out. I’m undercover as a civilian since I’m not showing a weapon which allows me to get close. Earlier I had found a suppressor for my pistol so I get behind the guard and take him out quietly then rush to the transport. While the soldiers are in town fighting I load their supplies into my truck and then take off for my home base. I was planning to get a few guns from the police and managed to get a load of machine guns, sniper rifles, heavy-duty body armor and rocket launchers instead.

I’m not sure yet how single player friendly it will be. It’s still in alpha so there might be some changes that make it easier. For an alpha it’s pretty polished and stable. I’m impressed by the number of civilians and soldiers it can run and I still get decent frame rates.

It can be tedious finding transport after you die so I use a debug script to spawn a truck. Also, the tutorial is basic so some concepts aren’t clear. Commanding ai troops is very limited right now The devs said they are working on that

Overall, it looks promising.

If the main character doesn’t say “I’m too old for this shit” at some point, it’s a wasted opportunity.

It’s free for Tanoa owners, btw.

Is it still singleplayer only?

Bohemia is bought by Tencent:

70-80%, I guess the rest are in the founders hands. Interesting, as I doubt they were hurting for money.

edit: or not


Strike one more for the CCP owning the games industry.
Edit: Phew, not yet anyway then - but they own so much already. All hail Winnie The Pooh

Cold War Germany DLC getting some free content.

This looks more interesting. Didn’t know ARMA3 had gone back from their scifi stuff.

Sort of. It’s a community mod that BI took under their wing and made official. So the main campaign and everything else is very much near-future stuff.