The Assorted "WTF, 2020?" Thread

It’s important to know how everything compares to the price of a hooker.

Psychedelic fungus. Great band name.

Great, another one just when I had started to forget cordyceps.

Nature is a) metal; b) gross.

The Last of Us 3 is gonna be freaky!

Meanwhile, in Florida:

A dramatic video posted on social media shows a bloodied man taking a nine-mile ride on the hood of a tractor trailer traveling northbound on Florida’s Interstate 95 turnpike on Saturday.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the incident began with an unidentified man driving southbound on I-95 when he stopped his vehicle at an exit ramp and started walking along the highway. He crossed a median onto the northbound I-95 lanes, causing traffic to slow down. The man allegedly jumped on the hood of a passing tractor trailer and “began striking the windshield with his hands.”

Reyes said the driver of the tractor trailer “pretty much freaked out” and just kept driving.

So, like Daytona at Spring Break?

The primates have based themselves in an abandoned cinema in the city

This is the plot of the Last of Us 2, but with monkeys.

Or Gremlins.

I feel like Tucker’s itching to do a segment on this.

But when the beetles were eaten with all their movement faculties intact, the vast majority of them emerged unscathed in just a few hours, and one particularly prompt bug got out of there in just under 7 minutes.

But wait! There’s more:

" R. attenuata cannot exit through the vent without inducing the frog to open it because sphincter muscle pressure keeps the vent closed," Sugiura writes in the paper.

“Individuals were always excreted head first from the frog vent, suggesting that R. attenuata stimulates the hind gut, urging the frog to defecate.”

Frog vent.

Frog Vent and Butt Beetles. Together at last.

Frog-blast the vent core!

Another new band name? Frog Vent and the Butt Beetles!

Whatever you do, don’t look up Sacculina