The Assorted "WTF, 2021?" Thread

Okay, so let’s do this. And to kick things off, the last Confederate widow has died.

This reminds me that John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, still has one living grandson. John Tyler took office 180 years ago! He had another grandson who died this past October.

This should also be WTF 2021 now.

WTF, 2021?? What happened to 2020?

The year that shall not be named.

Please don’t say it three times while looking at a calendar.

We can only view 2020 in the rearview mirror from now on. You might say hindsight.

Psst! Union

Yeah, weirdly Missouri had regiments attached to both the Union and Confederate armies. This woman’s husband was a Union soldier.

I don’t see why critics have such a hard on for this show.

Isn’t there a dude with a giant flexible penis in The Boys?

So unfair. The Boys can have one but the kids show can’t? Sad!

Also, NAMBLA approves. Gotta get kids feeling comfortable around an adult penis.

Well if there was ever a time I’d feel okay going to a small enclosed completely private space for a fun-time medical procedure that I get paid for. . .

Imagine all the new long-haired, head-banging little Armandos who will be running around in a few years.


<nerd>I love the ST:TNG font.</nerd>

If healthcare (private or government) experiences deeper cuts, they’re going to lose even more jobs.

My head fell off.

I own that shirt! Lol

Reality continues to make the Onion and Charlie Booker redundant: