The Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

The red carpet premiere of The Avengers: Infinity War took place in Hollywood last night, and the general release is only two days away! Let’s keep those spoilers contained to this thread for as long as possible.


You mean you don’t want everyone to know about the scene where Tony Stark admits he is Peter Parker’s father as he’s dying, and Thanos does a dance off wit Peter Quill, that levels a city block?

Besides once Halloween runs around everyone is going to be wearing the T’challa as Captain America costume.

I was surprised they killed Hawkeye off in the first five minutes… and from something as pedestrian as a hit-and-run! That wasn’t in the comics, was it? I guess it really set the tone to have all those other heroes wiped so easily, though.

Never, ever would have guessed they would cast Meryl Streep as Lady Death AND keep it secret all this time.

Who knew that Admiral Holdo would just jump to lightspeed through Thanos?

So my family has been trying to watch one Marvel movie a week since the first week of January, but life has set us a little behind. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Sunday night, Spider-Man: Homecoming last night, and we’re watching Thor: Ragnarok tonight. Then my son and I are going to a late showing of Black Panther, and we’ll be all caught up with a full day to spare!

I saw a screening here in Australia last night - still under the NDA for another hour or so.

I can say that it’s a big, long movie (2.5 hours), the final act is insane (in good and bad ways) and I am honestly not sure what to make of the whole thing.

Can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! :)

Yes, give me spoilers! Don’t know when I’m going to get a chance to watch this.

Captain America gets burned to death by Thanos’ laser ray, but rises from the ashes as the Human Torch, rebooting the Fantastic Four for the fourth time.

I think the ending undoes the emotional stakes. Killing Loki, Heimdall, Gamora and the Vision, it felt deep and “plausible”. Once they go all the Guardians minus Rocket, Black Panther, Falcon, Spiderman, Strange, Wanda and Winter Soldier and, well, if you’re anything like me you just know the whole thing’s getting erased with time shenanigans.

Replying without reading the rest of the thread: I predict that the end of Infinity War will give everyone a good idea of what Avengers 4: Untitled Avengers Sequel will be about. I’m predicting it’s a huge bombshell, or else they would have revealed the title by now! (I won’t even mention what people are speculating, because that might be a spoiler in and of itself.)

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the Infinity series that I read way back (in the late eighties? Early nineties?) was basically a slaughter that did a cheapo reset, so I guess most people are expecting that to a certain extent. I’m wondering whether they have some kind of subversion of expectations down the line, though.

So it’s the cliffhanger we suspected and then they tried to convince us it wouldn’t be.

Sounds like a pretty brutal one, from what I’m reading. Wonder if they’ll undo any of it in the next movie?

Wonder if they’ll undo any of it in the next movie?

I wonder if they won’t undo any of it in the next movie. Is anyone permadead?

Well, here’s the thing. Nobody is ever permadead in comic books, and I guess DC did this recently with the Justice League movie, bringing Superman back. But I can’t think of any MCU movie yet that did this? I mean I guess they kinda did that Coulson and the SHIELD series but if you didn’t watch that you’d never know it.

I kinda hope they don’t undo it, just because it seems ballsy as hell. And undoing it seems like it will cheapen what this movie is trying to do. But I can’t imagine they won’t.

I can’t think of any film in history that killed off so much of its heroic cast. I honestly felt like none of the deaths were very cheap because frankly, Thanos is one of the greatesr movie villains of all time now. His motivation is clear and believeable. His conviction is unwavering. Josh Brolin was excellent in the role.

The fight on Titan was fantastic. Comic books on screen and more. Thor was a huge highlight for me, too. Man… what a movie.

The meta just ruins the impact of those deaths though. This movie didn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s a Spider-Man movie coming out next year. There’s another Guardian’s of the Galaxy. We know the final “snap” gets undone in some way.

And unfortunately that risks undermining the other big deaths earlier in the movie, which I’m not sure will be undone. I guess we’ll know in a year.

Most obvious prediction for AV4: the survivors go multi-verse hopping to find another Infinity Gauntlet.

It served almost no point, but I got really excited for Hugo Weaving’s return. I recognized his voice immediately. A cool epilogue for him.

I had hoped that a ram would show up there, as Thanos was expressing some Abrahamic plot points. Or that Thanos would realize that he had always loved the Red Skull, ever since Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Instead, maybe Gamora outsmarted Thanos into killing her so she wouldn’t reveal that TERRIFYING SECRET she had.

I had guessed that Tony Stark would die, especially with that Central Park scene where he was talking about dreams and foreshadowing and fatherhood. I had also hoped that Natalie Portman would show up with Hawkeye. And I did not expect that a blue Tobias Fünke would appear in one of the Collector’s bins. I was wrong, I was wrong, and according to IMDB, that is exactly what happened.

Yeah, I told my son before we went that I was hoping for a Red Skull return. I liked that a lot.