The Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread


Man, that would be awesome if China banned time travel movies. Maybe they have a Ministry if Tired Movie Tropes, and they just got fed up one day and said, “Aw man, you know what? Fuck this shit, that’s some lazy-ass hacky writing. No more time travel. Also, no more ‘this time it’s personal’ sequels.”


Wow. Welcome to 2011.





While time travel is heavily hinted at due to both Doctor Strange and Thanos using the Time Stone, it’s still technically not confirmed. Multiple dimensions is another idea, but that is its own can of worms. And technically, the original solution in the '90s story didn’t use time travel either.


I’m betting on the Ant man going super duper small into another dimension thing to be a major factor in the reset.


So would “Avengers: End Game” be too on the nose for the sequel?

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Watched again today and enjoyed as much on the second viewing. I wonder if the director / producers were using the Longest Day as a reference movie. As a war movie with an enormous cast of stars they were able to give everyone at least a bit of a star turn much like the Longest Day.

Seeing Thor unleashed as an actual god has been an excellent character arc for the movies. In the first Avengers he was powerful but not much more so than the Hulk etc. But lighting a neutron star and firing the forge etc - godlike. The bifrost entrance in the battle of Wakanda and the subsequent unleashing of the stupidly named axe was brilliant.

Captain America’s reveal on the train station caught my breath again and I knew it was coming. Steve Rogers in my opinion is the heart and soul of the Avengers representing the best of ideals etc. Chris Evans has played him perfectly in every movie despite the character being pretty one note realistically.

Hulk is waiting and waiting for his moment. As Banner says Hulk comes out at the last possible second.

I hope Brie Larson and whomever is directing the Captain Marvel movie are up to the challenge as its going to be hard to follow Black Panther and Infinity War.


Avengers: Infinity War Hulk


This was fun and I enjoyed it more than most of the other Marvel trash. I’m surprised that some people think this movie will have any impact on the overall universe though. The only 2 deaths of note, Gamora (the green chick) and Vision (the purple side-kick?) has little to no effect - both were distinctly throw away characters. All the rest of the “dead” superheroes will be brought back to life in the next movie I’m sure. Regardless, it moved along at a fair old pace and I was only bored whenever they spouted nonsense dialogue about the plot.


Saw this yesterday finally. Holy cow.

I’d like you guys to compare the depth, breadth and quality of the Marvel movie franchise to the DC one.

Back when I read comics DC had better storylines and Marvel was mostly comic book action. Marvel’s storylines were just crazy sometimes while in my opinion DC had better anchor characters.

So now here we are, 19 movies later and what, 5-6 movies later? And Marvel has knocked it out of the park and DC has destroyed their IP. It’s so wonderful for the comic book fan in me and so sad for the DC fan in me. The DC movies with the exception of the first two acts of Man of Steel and the entirety of Wonder Woman are just pure trash. Marvel, on the other hand, continues to make movies that resonate with audiences, exploring complex themes and developing the characters in interesting ways. I mean in this movie we have a FUCKING RACOON talking to a pirate Norse god and it was ACTUALLY moving. How the hell did Marvel do this? How did DC screw it up so bad?

This movie passed the $1 billion mark because it’s a good movie. Period. Yes, they built up a lot of marketing but they made an entirely watchable, enjoyable movie that generated almost 500 posts here just on discussion. WB should have made $2 billion easy with Justice League. That movie was terrible. IMO they left about 1.4 billion on the table.

This movie had so many things going on, and was such a comic book movie, it should not have worked. But man it did. Wonderful. And that ending! Yes we all know time travel/alt universe stuff is probably coming, but this was not like Batman V Superman, killing off a major character a movie after you introduce them. These characters had years to set this up.

Thumbs up from me.


‘Ah, crap. I’m the captain, time to go do captain things’

I loved that scene.


“I’ll get that arm…” was another great one. What a great character they developed there. Where the heck did he come from? 5 years ago he was a joke character, and now I’d pay good money to see another crossover team up with Rabbit.

Darkseid is one of my favorite villians of all time, God Bless you Jack Kirby. Marvel just out Darkseid-ed Darkside with Thanos and his glove. If Darkseid does appear in DC movie in the next few years I won’t even watch it now because I have zero faith in DC. I have a lot of faith in Marvel.

Is it Disney’s influence vs Time Warner’s influence, do you think? Why is Marvel hitting it on all fronts and DC is screwing up so bad? DC needs a Kevin Fiege.


Damn, perceptive (sorry just catching up). I figured he gave him a fake stonr or something and that’s why his glove busted at the end. But that doesn’t fit with the “need all stones to do this unbelievably powerful thing” idea. I think you are right. His “it was the only way” means he sacrificed everything so Iron Man could sacrifice himself later to make things right, coincidentally when to the actor’s contract is up.


Pirate angel Norse god.


That was for the Simonson run fanboys. Stormbreaker was the name of Beta Ray Bill’s hammer.


Okay, I haven’t sat and caught up on this whole thread. Sorry if I walk any well-trodden ground here. Just saw the movie yesterday.

Guys… It wasn’t great.

I think the drama of the finale kind of overshadows and reshapes your feelings about the preceding 2.5 hours of kinda boring, somewhat messy action sequences. If it weren’t for the audacity of the end I think looking back on everything that happens in this film, it would be obviously pretty empty.


  • I say it’s “messy,” but I do think that at a macro level the way they wove the several teams’ threads together was well done. It is the interior of each scene that is sloppy.
  • The Titan battle featured some very imaginative use of characters’ powers and made for an exciting battle.
  • Thor and Rocket was a good team-up, even if what they did together was dumb.
  • Thanos was a lot less dumb than I expected him to be, and the focus on him as a character was unique (though I don’t think it ultimately worked). The specificity of his plan worked in the film’s favor to keep things dramatic and obviously made for a powerful ending.
  • Nebula’s introduction was dramatic.
  • I liked giant Peter Dinklage.
  • A few good jokes. (Invisible Drax, embarrassment in front of wizards…)


  • Most heroes had nothing interesting to do but fight. Practically nothing in the film captures the special interplay between characters that you see in Avengers 1 (Thor/Rocket and maybe Quill/Stark are the exceptions)–and that’s the whole reason to see these ensemble movies. Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Drax, Falcon, even for the most part Dr. Strange… all of these did really nothing interesting in the movie.
  • Gamora’s death was shallow and unearned.
  • So was Loki’s. Also, was that the cleverest thing Loki could attempt to pull on Thanos? A secret knife??
  • The moment where Peter’s named an Avenger could have been way more affecting.
  • Thanos’ goal makes no sense. Why half? Does he not realize that living things reproduce, and it’s only a temporary solution? Seems like some civilizations are probably more wasteful than others and he could exterminate all of them?
  • Mishandled Hulk. To be fair, I think every movie has done something totally different with Hulk and only Avengers 1 really works. Watching Banner just occasionally squinch up his face and try to go green does not equal drama.
  • Vision continues to be sooooooo boring, and adding a weak-ass love story didn’t help.
  • Thor gets blasted by a sun for awhile? Because the handles to open it up were where the fusion blast goes through? But he’s fine later? Is it because of the axe? They could have had a lot stronger “replacing Thor’s hammer” sequence, one where he has to face how the hammer is equated with his identity.
  • I ultimately think the movie wasn’t very funny, compared to most MCU fare. Several jokes were weak of fell flat and the density of characterful banter was low.
  • Thanos’ minions were non-descript and unimpressive, with the possible exception of the talky telekinetic guy.
  • Why did they give Thor his eye back? (I can almost tolerate this because they seem to have created a theme of Rocket indiscriminately stealing body parts… was that reinforced in Guardians 2? I haven’t seen it.)

Making this movie has to have been an enormous and complex undertaking. But I don’t think that excuses the kind of lazy handling of most characters and scenes in the film. And, again, I think that the bleak ending has more to do with people’s reactions to the movie than anything else.


Interesting difference in interpretation. What you describe as “pretty empty”, I saw as taking advantage of all the history built up over the last 10 years of movies. Many of the characters don’t do much other than toss a few quips and do CGI gymnastics, true. And what little else there is goes by fast and isn’t all that deep. (Except maybe Thanos, but we didn’t go to a Thanos movie, we went to an Avengers movie.) Which in my mind made sense because this wasn’t ever meant as a stand-alone movie; to understand characters and meaning, you have to take it in context with all the other MCU stuff. But I can certainly see your viewpoint that it’s just a couple of hours of fluff with a cheap thrill at the end, particularly if you haven’t seen all the other movies (or it’s been too long to remember very well).


I think I just inevitably compare it to Avengers, where we had set-up movies for each character, but the magic was in the chemistry that occurred when they got together. The scope is way larger here–probably impossibly large–but it was moments like that that I felt like I only got the barest drop of.


Man, Ioved the character interactions. I think they were the highlight of the movie. Josh Brolin got to chew so much scenery with so many actors in this and I don’t think any fell flat. I wad constantly going: “Damn, this guy is such a good villian.”. He had so many good moments. From his “I like you” throwaway to Starlord to his conversation with Tony, from his grief over Gamora to his smashing of Hulk. Just a great character, I thought. He had 100 times the personality of whoever Justice League fought.

I couldn’t stop laughing every time giant Dinklage was on the screen. I didn’t know he was in this and though his lines were kinda dull it was so funny to see him towering over Thor.


It’s better to view this movie as a show about Thanos rather than the titular Avengers. That said, I really enjoyed it especially with all the references to the earlier movies.