The Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

I noticed most of the people that ‘died’ have more movies coming out, and those that lived are at the end of their contracts (yeah, I know those can be renewed, etc.). I’m guessing the living will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to turn things back (and stay dead), but that those killed earlier (Loki, Gamorra, Heimdal, etc.) won’t be part of that to have some repercussions.

I’d been thinking of this the last few months- it wouldn’t make any sense for those killed by the Space Stone-powered-weapons to be actually dead- the Nazis just didn’t understand what they were doing with it. But I didn’t think they’d actually acknowledge that, heh.

I guess I’m curious what happens in Agends of S.H.I.E.L.D. and anything else that comes out on Netflix between now and next May.

The leak from a few months ago said Gamorra dies

If you are serious… the secret was the location of the very stone they were there to get so you may have missed the point that he knew she had the secret and he got it out of her before he killed her obviously.

I liked it*, and probably a bit more after having slept on it.

I have a few complaints:
Some of the CG didn’t look good, though (Bruce floating in the Hulk Mech). I also wish they had used less CG on Thanos, his CG just didn’t work for me. I think Brolin did a great job, though. At first I thought he looked a bit different after he got the second stone, and I hoped he would end up as less and less CG and more and more make-up and prosthetics as he got more stones.
Thanos’ henchmen were really cool, especially the one with horns and the goblin one. I got the impression those were less CG.

My favorite scene was probably when the Guardians pick up Thor in the beginning.


Ah, no, that makes sense. I was confusing the different stones and gems, and thought that 1) the gem she was trying to hide from Thanos was the one that Glenn Close and John C. Reilly had stored away on the Nova Corps planet at the end of the first Guardians movie, so 2) the trip to Red Skull Island must have been some kind of ploy, and 3) the terrifying secret had something to do with a weakness with the gems or the glove that could be exploited, R2D2 style. Then the plot kept moving and I guess I didn’t catch up all the way. Thanks!

“Dantooine. The soul gem is on Dantooine.”

that stone was the purple one, the power stone from GotG and it was mentioned that the entire planet was wiped out to get it :(

Okay, two criticisms. Well, one criticism, but they did this twice. When Loki makes his final attempt on Thanos, and when Gamora thinks Thanos is thwarted because he doesn’t have anything he loves to offer as a sacrifice? Both of those scenes were awful because it is immediately obvious what’s going to happen—not the greatest offense—but then the scenes just try to wring every last drop of “suspense” out of a scene that started with none. Of course Loki’s deception fails, and of course it turns out Thanos really did love Gamora. I was just cringing through both of those scenes because they both lean so hard into a non-surprise of a twist.

I’m still working through my impressions of the film at the meta level—there’s so much that’s colored by what we can assume based on the direction of the Marvel franchises. It’s hard to decide how to weigh what this film does against what we now expect Avengers 4 to undo.

But right now, just within the context of what we get on screen in Infinity War, those two scenes were bad.

So I did the first lookdev character tests and development on the Black Order, that we then propagated around to other studios… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to show the work, not being actual shots, but… they’re also CG, from head to toe. So maybe you have issues with the design of Thanos, not the method…

First; Great work!

I looked it up and saw that they were CGI. I guess it is probably because they were not as smooth as Thanos. I wouldn’t say I have problems with the method as such, but probably more the design. Come to think of it, Thanos gives me some Hellboy-vibes, which is probably why I wanted a more prosthetics/make-up approach.

I think they’re awesome, and look non uncanny valley, they look real, almost always. Only exception I think is Proxima (the female warrior, think that’s her name), in a couple of scenes she looked a bit plastic, if it makes sense.

Great work.

Is Thanos CGI too?

He was a pre-existing asset, probably lives over at ILM.

Just so’s I don’t get praise for about 100+ other people’s work, I did a bunch of storyboards, previs sequence development and then acting and movement tests, ie, made them fight, so the directors and sups could understand what they felt like, all before the script was finished and we had actual scenarios. All the other stuff, like building and texturing the models, rigging, did they look like real material, what they did in actual shots in the movie, etc, was all other people.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Especially on the closeups on her face.

I saw the post credits sequence, there’s very little in the movie that I assume wasn’t made by a bunch of people, since you know, more people than live in my city worked on it (not really). :D

You still deserve praise though.

We know that some will return. We don’t know who. We also don’t know who might never come back or be killed in the next film to facilitate the revival.

My biggest issue with every form of media these days is we know WAY too much about what’s coming next before we see what’s happening now. Marvel should go even further to shield their plans from people, not show them off too far down the line.

Either way, living in the moment of this film, it is the most cataclysmic ending for major characters, including one who just got his own movie!, probably ever. This villain is truly villainous with a twisted sense of right and wrong. That’s enough for me.

You know, the more I think about the fallout of Thanos finally snapping his fingers—heroes slowly turning into dust—the less I like that choice for how to show us what happened.

The movie wasn’t in your face about this, but part of what makes Thanos’ motivations a little more empathetic is that while he’s still driven to wipe out half of the universe, he’s convinced the gauntlet will let him do it in a merciful way. “It will be as if they never existed” was the pitch he makes to someone. But…we pretty clearly see they’re still dying, they’re aware of it, they’re scared, they’re in pain (most obviously with Spider-Man).

I’m sympathetic to the difficulty of getting the result on screen. If half of the characters literally just vanished as if they were never there (think The Leftovers), that’s harder to clearly communicate to the audience without a clunky role call. Making it gradual helps spell out exactly which characters you care about died, and yeah, there is more emotional weight to seeing them briefly aware of what’s happening. I just wish it didn’t undercut an aspect of Thanos’ plan that I liked.

Also, we probably could’ve used at least a few more quick scenes establishing the fallout on a global or even galactic scale. A helicopter and a car crash in the post credits sequence hardly do justice to the true horror of half of the population being gone.

I didn’t get the impression that they were in pain; they just knew they were dying. Obviously that’s going to be scary, especially for Peter (the one character I really got teared up about).

But Thanos is a…well, I don’t think “sociopath” does him justice. He literally wants to kill half of the people in the universe. Anything about being “merciful” seems like lip service. He wants to make his job easier, and he wants to make a grand gesture. And frankly, I think his plan requires people to know that half the universe was killed. You can’t just wipe out all memories that they ever existed.

I think we’ll see the fallout in the next movie.

Peter said something like “I don’t feel good”, didn’t he?

I think the movie subtly makes the distinction that Thanos doesn’t want to kill half the universe, he wants half the universe gone. He starts out killing them, and certainly even if killing was his actual goal the gauntlet would make that even easier, but killing is just a means to an end for him, and if the gauntlet can do it instantly and painlessly, I honestly believe that mattered to him. I really liked Thanos, and that’s a big part of why.

Captain Marvel gonna kick some ass. I want Monica Rambeau (MY Marvel), but this new one should be awesome.

Just watched it, kind of ‘shocking’, but Avengers in the comics did this shit all the time… time travel, multiple dimensions, mythic godlike characters… it defies logic… but its all about the opera.

Worked for me. Worth it. The 3d was much better than I thought it would be.