The Baby Boomers

Will Generation X and Y and whatever they call the kids now wise up before it’s too late?

Here’s the situation, the baby boomers due to their incredible selfishness and incredible voting power are bankrupting this country. If social security and medicare go bankrupt it’s because they are going to demand services and money that they never put into the system, not to mention the fact that they’re borrowing the money daily for government services that aren’t getting paid for.

My observations:

  1. So in the year 20xx there will be a pool of goods and services that can be produced.

  2. The majority of the goods and services being produced will be produced by us the younger generation.

  3. If this social security medicare scheme works out the way the baby boomers are planning they will be consuming the majority of the goods and services.

Will this actually work out for them with me and my kids producing goods and services for baby boomers while paying off their debts with a high tax load for years after that?

What can be done to counteract that. I would suggest:

Option A: A mass slack off. I say we all choose careers like Tom Chick. How about all of the GDP is composed of people writing articles about video games and acting in episodes of sitcoms. Take that grandpa, all your social security check is good for is a DVD set of the Fantasy Island movie, there’s no medical care or cars to be had.

Option B: Mass immigration. Looking over the points system for imigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand (where I already have an in because I married a kiwi), pretty much any educated english speaking professional can get in. I’m sure that Canada would love a few new taxpayers for their bloated health care system, that somehow is run better than ours, and Australia has some harsh means testing in their retirement plan. They’re not gonna let the baby boomers run over their working class.

So what’s it gonna be you hypocritical hippies? It’s you or me living the good life in 2020 and I’m telling you that you aint done nothing for me to convince me that the sweat of my brow should be supporting you.

Where does the baby boom echo fit in all this?

Dunno if you’ve noticed it, but schools starting around today’s high school freshman class are bursting.