The Babysitter - McG is still getting work



Holy crap though, this looks kind of awesome.


Netflix may have turned the corner on its movies. Gerald’s Game and The Meyerowitz Stories (an Adam Sandler flick of all things) are getting rave reviews. And I really liked Okja and I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Any More.


I laughed pretty hard at the “why is he shirtless?” “That’s your question?”

If McG wasn’t attached to this I would be curious; it looked like it might be a decent horror/comedy. So I guess I have to be curious out of transitive fairness.


Refresh my memory, why don’t we like McG again?


Didn’t he do Terminator Salvation?


He’s a 49-year-old man who calls himself McG is a good place to start.


Sure, that makes sense. Woolen. :)


This is available now, checking it out shortly.


I only just saw this, you must have replied to the thread and not me, but yep, he directed it.

I do see quite a few things I really like though on his film credits (mostly as a producer), so I again wonder what the problem is with McG (other than his terrible name, of course).

Lethal Weapon (which is awesome)
Supernatural 172 episodes he produced, looks like.
Chuck one of the best shows, he directed the pilot and produced many episodes
Human Target man this show was great, wtf happened to it?
Fastlane! I remember this. It was fun,when it was airing (probably wouldn’t hold up now?)

I don’t see anything offensively bad here. I guess that’s why he keeps getting work - he’s attached to successful stuff?


I don’t know that people have a generally negative opinion of McG, I think he’s just kind of considered a lightweight. He did those Charlie’s Angels movies too, I think. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his TV projects, at least nothing on your list.


McG directed Terminator Salvation which a lot of nerds feel bitter about and place a bunch of blame at McG’s feet for “killing the franchise.” That’s silly, of course. The script for Salvation was terrible and Terminator has been doing fine killing itself without McG’s help. I will say that the behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt is that McG really didn’t have much authority on the picture and it was mostly Christian Bale’s joint.

He also catches a lot of crap for killing Charlie’s Angels with Full Throttle. This has always struck me as odd because I didn’t know there were people that felt that passionately about Charlie’s Angels. I didn’t really like either movie, but I wouldn’t accuse them of besmirching the Charlie’s Angels name.

I think the biggest strike against McG is that his name has been attached to some truly terrible failed concepts. Directors and producers get attached to projects that die before production all the time, but McG’s choices seem particularly bad like Superman: Flyby, a soft reboot after Superman Returns that would’ve depicted a power mad Superman returning to Krypton to conquer it. It’s kind of unfair to judge McG by things that never actually got made, but I guess people hold grudges anyway.

I do know that he’s had difficulty getting big budget work because he’s dropped out of projects due to his fear of flying.


That’s honestly fascinating.


Memeing is delicious, though.

I wouldn’t call him a lightweight so much (although that’s not a wrong description) as bland. He’s someone who typically gets hired to direct a movie someone else is actually really running (whether it’s the studio, or a big star, or what). His best movie was. . . Charlie’s Angels 1? Which was ok I guess? CA 2, We are Marshall, Terminator Salvation, and This Means War were all either mediocre or really bad.


Watched this last night, was a fun popcorn gore movie. Had some great lines too. Unsure what else people would expect from it.


I also watched it last night and agree with Knightsaber. Fun movie, worth a watch if you are in the mood for a fun campy slasher movie.


Plus, the lead actress is intelligent, funny and drop dead gorgeous!

I’d say that this movie belongs among the top tier of the slasher comedy genre.


A little off topic, but what other movies would you put in the top tier of slasher comedies?



Cabin in the Woods
Tucker & Dale vs Evil


…and you could easily argue that Cabin in the Woods is outside the genre.