The Bargain Thread 2011 for people to post "clever" jokes and snarky comments

Have at it. Let’s not shit up the new thread. We’re trying to improve the performance of the board, you know.

With that title we should use this thread to post bargains!

I still think the new thread should have had a clever subtitle like “The Bargaining” or “Buy Another Day” (neither of which were mine, but they made me smile).

Why the hell does 2011 keep getting in these titles?

This thread is overpriced.

Yeah we need one without 2011 in it.

Since we’re already halfway through the year, I don’t know if “2011” is representative anyway.

RIP The Bargain Thread, the longest thread in qt3 history. With stusser now nipping long threads, it’s likely that there will never be anything to compare to it!

what’s wrong with the 2011?

Strusser’s is no beast of burden is what happened :p

Also, Impulse has a daily deal thing on Magicka right now [Warning: it is Steam’ed]