The Batman, with Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Sounds good to me, he’s great in Lost City of Z and The Rover, the only two movies I’ve seen him in.

Heh, I was about to say pretty much the same thing. I’ve only seen him in Lost City of Z and thought he was solid. I’ve been wanting to check out Good Time ever since one of my students dressed up as his character for Halloween last year.

I thought The Rover would make a great companion watch to Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. I may be overdue for a re-watch on all three, here. I thought it was weird that they were still using cash instead of, say, booze, cigarettes and ammunition, though.
I dropped my knee-jerk Pattinson scoff around Cosmopolis. His work has been (almost) consistently interesting since then.

Well, he deliberately went that route after Twilight wrapped up. I imagine he was also particularly tired of all the constant tabloid coverage with K-Stew.

But indie paychecks probably aren’t as nice.

Not excited about more Batman, to be honest.

I’m intrigued, of course.

I’ve never seen him in anything, but Batwoman looks like she could kick his ass.

It looks like that emo kid from my freshman year in high school probably could, tbh. But actors do their craft and I don’t doubt he can pull this off in the end. I’ll just be very curious as to how he manages.

I’ll need to hear his Cookie Monster voice before I can decide whether this is good casting or not.

I am laughing at this. 🤣

Every Batman actor since 1989 faces doubt if not opprobrium from fans.

Michael Keaton: The comedy actor? Mister Mom???
Val Kilmer: Good in Willow and Top Secret, I guess, but he is no Michael Keaton.
George Clooney: The headbopping pretty boy from ER? He’s no movie star like Val Kilmer.
Christian Bale: Ok, he’s a shapeshifter, but he’s awfully British. Too bad Batman and Robin was so terrible, it would be great to see George Clooney get another chance.
Ben Affleck: he was the bomb in Phantoms yo but it’s not the '90s anymore, and he’s not exactly the actor that Christian Bale is.
Robert Pattinson: this pretty boy from the Twilight movies? Ben Affleck wasn’t bad as a grizzled old Batman, wish he could have been given another chance. Adam West must be spinning in his grave.

And Will Arnett: the best Batman ever.

My problem with all these reincarnations is they ALWAYS want to do an origin story b/c it’s a new actor. Why can’t they go the Dr Who route & just assume we all know the origin story?

I don’t want any more origin stories.

Did you know his parents were murdered in front of him?!?!?!?!


But yes, hope they don’t do the whole Bats’ Beginnings again.

I wish Affleck had done another one, though. Or more time had passed. Feels strange with these reboots and having different actors play the same role so close together. I never even bothered with the new Spiderman. No, not the NEW new (current) Spiderman but the ones before.

Have only seen Pattinson in Twilight. It was a terrible movie but it had nothing to do with him, so there’s that.

Hopefully that’s not the case this time. We don’t need another reboot. Sony/Marvel got this 100% right with Spiderman: Homecoming.

I hope Marissa Tomei plays Batman’s aunt too.

Or even Dick Grayson’s aunt Harriet.

Even better.