The Battle for Hill 218 Tournament

Hi everyone,

Now that async multiplayer is in place (and bug free) I reckon it is time for the first ever official Hill 218 tournament. Not sure how many people on here have played the game but would be fun to hold it somewhere away from the usual suspect sites (BGG, PT) so if you are up for it please let me know in this thread. If we can get at least 8 people signed up I’ll arrange some prizes and draw up the exact format but thinking either a straight up elimination tourny or we can do add a round-robin group stage before if there are enough participants.

If you have no idea what Hill 218 is here is some more information and a review:

Since we just released a new version I’ve got a few spare promo codes so message me if you need/want one :)

I don’t have the game yet but I was intrigued by it. I’ll join a tournament if enough people sign up. I don’t think the game ever took off on QT3. Everyone is too busy playing the same games every month.

Yes I remember seeing some people mentioning it at launch but we made the mistake of launching with live multiplayer which meant that it was almost impossible to find an online game unless you knew who was on and playing. Things have picked up quite a bit since we got async in place so hopefully there will be some renewed interest, it really packs quite a strategic punch for something with very quick gameplay.

I’m not any good at this, but I’d be up for a tournament.