The Baxter

Anyone seen it yet? I love anyone from The State, and Showalter (I’m Doug, and I’m outa heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere) rocks.

What say yee?

As typical with stuff from that group, it looks awful. I’ll probably love it.

Stella is just awful. I mean, hooray for experimental comedy, but you have to have an occasional someone playing straightman. The one or two funny things in the episode I watched were far overshadowed by everyone just being aimlessly offbeat (aka completely retarded) most of the time.

So I don’t even know why they did this. A straight up romantic comedy? It looks entirely formulaic. These guys have some kind of teleporting comedy pendulum going.

I saw this over the weekend and while I did laugh quite a bit, I didn’t find it hysterically funny and it can be really uneven. There are a few good performances in parts of the film (but I never thought Showalter was one of them), and it never tries to be more than just a sort of throwaway, by the numbers, romantic comedy most of the time.