The Baxter

Since this forum is moribund-- is it us, or the fact that we’re in a dead space between summer blockbusters and Oscar dramas?-- thought I’d see if anyone else had seen this little fun movie.

Written, directed by, and starring one of the guys from Stella, I thought this was a pretty fun little movie. There’s a stilted nature to the dialogue, especially early in the film, that just screams “sketch comedy.” People don’t talk that way, except in overly broad, get in and get out sketches.

I was laughing my ass off though, until about 2/3’s of the way through the movie where it just kind of dies so that he can advance the plot. Then there are some laughs at the end. It’s no 40 Year Old Virgin but it’s worth taking a look.

Also, stay through the credits.

Has anyone seen Wet Hot American Summer? It’s better than this and from before Stella.

This movie is [color=orange]Pure Gold[/color].