The beauty of the Pentium M

Thought I’d flag this because it’s so amusing. A somewhat overclocked Pentium M is nearly as fast as the most expensive processors you can find, at a fraction of the heat output.

Method one: notebook chipset + Pentium M in a regular ATX case: Tom's Hardware Forum

Method two: chipset adapter to plug Pentium M in regular motherboard: CPU Reviews, Analysis and Buying Guides | Tom's Hardware

Let us try to sum up the insights we have gained during the course of this little project.

With the help of a simple socket adapter card and a BIOS upgrade, certain mainboards using Intel’s 865/875 chipsets can be upgraded to use a Pentium M instead of a Pentium 4. Such a system offers up-to-date performance paired with low power requirements.

Additionally, we were able to raise the FSB from 133 to 160 MHz without any trouble at all. The result was that our 2.13GHz Pentium M 770 ended up running at 2.56 GHz! At this clock speed, our two year old platform was able to beat the processor heavyweights Athlon 64 FX and Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition in all 3D games!

Haha holy shit that last quote is gold.

This is kinda like old news… Pentium M has been known to be a great chip, especially over the p4 in a lot of ways.

Well, it’s news to me - I completely ignore PC hardware developments for years at a time until I need a new box. :)

Check out the Pentium M reviews at:

The lastest Pent M was overclocked to over 2.7 ghz.

On a somewhat related note, Chris Connoly who writes all the In the Labs reveiws does a bang up job. In my opinion he’s the best reviewer no one has ever heard of.