The Beetle Song (Stern Fans)

If you’ve listened to the Howard Stern show lately you’ve probably heard that insanely catchy (and funny as hell) Beetlejuice song they’ve been playing. I swear after hearing it you’ll be singing “This is Beetle, he is bad as can…” for the next 2 days straight.

Staind was recently on this week and sang a cover version! Pretty 'Staind’y but it’s still just bad ass. Cool download even if you’ve heard it too, just to add to your collections.

Check it out

edit, finally found the original

Wow, the Staind version is really good, despite having incoherent lyrics (just like the original). Do you know what the background music is in the original version? Thanks for the links, by the way.

I think the background was written by Richard Christy, who’s a staff member for stern (also played drums in bands liked Iced Earth, Death, Control Denied).

Glad you liked it, here’s hoping it’s an extra on an new cd or something . And the incomprehensible lyrics are the best part of the song, Beetlejuice is a one incomprehensible guy :)

Any time Beetle is on Stern I fast forward through it after a few minutes. He’s annoying and unfunny. After hearing the song a couple of times, I now do the same to it.

I thought it was “bad ass cat” not “bad as can.”

The Staind version kicks much ass though.