The Beginning of the Endgame

Oh yeah, it’s totally “retarded” and implausible to imagine the flag was tacked to a wall.

God forbid that someone who meant to say that someone “held up” or “waved” a flag actually use the correct verb to describe said action.

Now see, dictionary-boy, Planted wouldn’t be “tacking something to a wall” but would imply the placement of something in the ground.

God forbid you live by your own rules. Troll.

So what is the difference in stupidity between holding up a flag to the camera and planting it in the ground on a stick again? Why is the latter impossible again? Why wouldn’t they possibly have stuck the flag in the ground?

Because you said so?




So… how about that local sports team?

The only reason I’m being argued with is because you disagree with the political statement I was making about raising flags in Iraq.

You’ll notice that you’re being argued with because your political statement is based on a false, fallacious premise. 'Cause you’re a total retard, obviously. Now that your “I’m politically oppressed” tactic has been soundly defeated, I’m curious as to what’s next… Anything left in your bag of “tricks” (sarcastic quote marks), or can we skip strait to you crying?

Brad valiantly slogs onward! Kudos, Brad! You’re winning!