The best actor for the character (that is interesting)


It’s amazing the amount of character that Hamil imparts just through the voice - he’s my favorite also.

Except for Leto of course, which no-one mentioned. ;) (j/k)

And how about if Scorcese’s Joker origin story goes ahead … inevitably Leo DiCaprio gets a spin at it?


If anything, for me, it counts more. That Hamill manages to represent the Joker so perfectly using only his voice is nothing short of a miracle.


Hey, Hamill totally nails the voice, and gets the personality down perfect.

The only reason I question it, is that with someone like Ledger, he’s doing it all. He’s the source of the voice as well as all the physical movement, manerisms, etc.

With Hamill, he’s sharing the credit with the animators.


Jeremy Brett deduces that your premise is incorrect.


I’ll probably be roundly mocked, but I like Daniel Craig as Bond…but only because I loved the hell out of Casino Royal (the other movies have been letdowns in comparison.) Brosnan would be 2nd (and I can’t defend that at all!)


Me too maybe… I grew up watching the films starting from the late 70s so Roger Moore is mine. All about the suave and the cool. :)

Yeah but he could act it too, if need be! :)


He certainly does, 10 steps above anyone else playing Sherlock.


Dwayne Douglas Johnson is best for every role.


Gary Oldman in just about anything, but George Smiley for starters.


Andy Serkis for any kind of ape, monster, or CGI-enabled creature in any movie ever made or about to be made.

And while it was fun to see Benedict Cumberbatch chewing the scenery playing Khan, the best Khan still is (and shall always be) Ricardo Montalban.

Also, best Spock is Leonard Nimoy, though I must admit that my favorite “Bones” McCoy is actually Karl Urban.


I can imagine no other Cabaret M.C. than Joel Grey. Ok, Alan Cummings is decent, but Joel Grey completely owns the part.

I think someone needs to make a Barry Goldwater biopic just so Jared Harris can star in it, and an Ayn Rand biopic just so Elisabeth Moss can star in it.

While Daniel Day Lewis was excellent in Lincoln, I think I prefer - by a smidge - the performance by Sam Waterston in the ‘Gore Vidal’s Lincoln’ TV movie.


I think Joel Grey owned Chiun (Master of Sinanju) as well:


Wait, shit, that’s yellowface right? Are we allowed to like that?

(I had no idea Joel Grey was in Remo Williams, but I only ever caught bits of it on HBO when I was a kid.)


I liked the books much more than the movie because the relationship between the two characters is more developed in a father/son fashion. Chiun is a very funny character in the destroyer series.


Man, I loved Reno Williams as a kid and had no idea that wasn’t an actual Asian dude. It’s more obvious to my adult eyes, and I have to wonder what somebody like James Hong or Victor Wong could have done with the role.

If we’re talking comic book adaptations, I still think Michael Keaton was the best Batman, or at least the most interesting. I liked that he really seemed like a character, both in and out of the suit. I didn’t dislike what Christian Bale did, he just seemed like a nonentity needed to fill the suit and belch at people who got on his bad side.


Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Steve Martin was just embarrassing.


He and Adam West are the only screen Batmans (live action) I much like, really. They imbue the character with specific personality, which I feel the others don’t.


Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow:



Leonard Nimoy as Spock
Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe
William Powell as the Thin Man (Nick Charles)


And as Rick Blaine. Wouldn’t even want to think about anybody else in that role.