The Best Fast Food

And here is my euro-ass contemplating celebrating the summer solstice with another 19" kebab pizza.

Well, okay, I might fast the day before. And, judging from last time, the day after as well.
Alas, my glory days are over, back when my metabolism was still roaring, I’d prolly have pondered a nice desert for afterwards…

Twice this week, I had Zaxby’s Chicken Sandwich. I also had Jack in the Box’s Cluck Sandwich. Anyway, the Cluck Sandwich is the first good thing I’ve had at Jack in the Box, but it wasn’t as good as the others in the Chicken Sandwich wars.

Zaxby’s though, man, as you can tell by the fact that I already had it again in the same week, both me and my wife really loved it. I’d say it’s right on par with Popeye’s. Maybe it’s even slightly better? There’s less breading, and the inside is soooo tender and juicy. We had it with their spicier sauce. The pickle and bun do their jobs well as well, but that tender heart of the chicken is the star of the show.

My wife also had tenders from there, which she says are the best tenders she’s eaten, but I didn’t have any, so I can’t impart any more than that.

Anyway, Zaxby’s: Two thumbs up.

I used to really like Jack in the Box’s spicy crispy chicken sandwich, but for all I know it isn’t even on the menu anymore given that it’s been at least 20 years since I went to a Jack in the Box.

Over the last few months I tried both Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s for the first time. Chick-Fil-A was first and I have never been more disappointed in food in my life. Part of it was expectations given how much people love it, but also it was mediocre at best. I’d rather have pretty much any other fast food (not that it’s gonna happen – I’ve had fast food twice this year: the two places I’m writing about now) than eat there again. Popeye’s, on the other hand, was actually pretty tasty and I’d happily eat it again if I was forced to choose a fast food place to eat at.

First, thank you for your service in the CSW.

Second, I am sad that the closest Zaxby’s to me is 22 miles away.

Third, I haven’t had Popeye’s in ages. I should fix that soon when I’m in the fast food mood.

Pro-tip: You can get bottles of the Chick-fil-A sauce in the grocery store. That eliminates one of the main reasons to go to CfA.

Whataburger was my go to for fast food burgers when I lived in Austin.

Apparently people are using their app in Houston to keep tabs on where the power is back on:

Had another $3 Whopper for Whopper Wednesday today.

I was marveling at this thing as I was eating it. How can it still taste so good to me decades later? Shouldn’t I be tired of it by now? I guess I have it infrequently enough that I never did tire of it. And each individual ingredient has enough quality control to this day that it still tastes so fresh and nice. The crisp onions and lettuce, the combination of that mayo and ketchup combined with the taste of that pickle in combination with that flame-broiled taste from the beef, and sitting in that super soft sesame seed bun. The bun is so soft!

I guess if you keep the ingredients good, the rest takes care of itself.

I still haven’t managed to eat at Burger King yet, I worked there when I was 17 and that leaves scars. Honestly though the broiler does make a difference, otherwise it was a burger like any other except the burger itself starts frozen, which isn’t everyone, but pretty common.

Whataburger is Houston’s Waffle House?

The running joke I had with my wife when I lived in Houston was about the Pappas family taking over every restaurant in town.

Over the years they came out with a ridiculous number of places covering different types of food and my suggestion/joke was they should just combine them all and call all of them Omni-Pappa and just sell everything at it all of them.

I did 16-18 at BK and never had a period where I loathed it. Still have it a few times a year but the local franchise isn’t well run these days and the service is typically awful. I still like the food.

I was 99% front counter and drive-thru in my BK wage-slave days though, so I imagine slogging away in a hot greasy kitchen might sour a person on that particular food…

Oh yeah. Just the grease and stink of your polyester uniform shirt and pants after a single shift, it does haunt.

I did my time at McDonalds during high school, and yea, the smell after a shift there was terrible if you were on the grill or had to drain/refill the grease pits for the fried stuff. I do still eat there a few times a year, tho.

I did Hardees. I helped open a new store and we had training one day by I guess a superstar Hardees person who came in to show us the Hardees way. I had to wrap a hamburger in a wrapper and I must have pressed my thumbs into it, because he got pissed while the whole crew was watching and hammered his fist into it, flattening it, saying, “You might as well do this to it!”

It’s not like I was embarrassed. I just thought he was a prick.

A McDonald’s QPC is a perfectly fine fast-food burger. Fresh beef, American cheese, some onion, on a bun.

I too did the BK thing around age 16 for a year+.

i think I appreciate where I am in life quite a bit because I’ve had some real unpleasant jobs like BK. Whatever BS I have to do for work now, it ain’t nearly as bad as mopping the floors at 1AM on a saturday night to close down the restaurant, only to come home smelling like greasy shit.

I can not fathom this. I’ve given Whataburger many opportunities, but they fail me every time. I can not figure out why people like these burgers. Huge, dry buns, tasteless burgers, way too salty, just no thanks.

And yet there are people who swear by it. People are weird.

Clearly my and other people’s experiences have been very different than yours. ;)

It makes a big difference in life, I’ve found. Also, you learn a lot no matter how menial the job. I have so many little practical skills from my time in various warehouses and other blue collar work from 18-22 until I managed to land an IT job. The only problem is that now that I have money, I’m loathe to spend it on anything. Appalachian upbringing + father that was a car dealer, then banker + depression-era grandparents makes one a very frugal boy.

I’m not from the same part of the world, but have similar feelings. I worked hard for my minimum wage! I had a ton of awful jobs in undergrad, and didn’t find work for a few months after I graduated.

I’ve worked as a temp for the post office from 11PM to 7AM doing data entry. I’ve taken tickets at parking lots. I’ve been a secret shopper looking at apartments. My first year of “real” employment was as an entry level temp lab technician, and it wasn’t much different from working BK (but improved my resume more.)

I think some of the people I work with who have only experienced prep schools and Harvard or MIT undergrad + graduate work would benefit from a year at BK.