The best games of 2009. Well, the first six months of 2009

I meant to make a half-year list of the five top games of the year. I couldn’t do it. Can you?


I haven’t played any of this years releases. So no, I can’t help you.

But my next buy might just be RF:G. I’m usually not that fond of sandboxes, but given that this is a revolution that will color every game I play from here on out, I can’t really go wrong can I?

I myself have been enjoying the bejeezus out of red fraction. I keep it on casual because I dislike loading times whenever I bring a building down on myself. Only thing, I wish it were possible to somehow whack myself with the sledge, for to jump higher. Or have my gorilla colleagues do it for me.

I got sims3 after having my sadistic sims side re-awakened by some online postings (Subject Beef). But in true form I started out sarcastic then wound up grinding to achieve that life dream of dying in a grill cheese spawned hausfire. if i can ever stop playing red factor I’m going to come back to this one.

Other than that I’ve been spending a lot of time on the iphone games–peggle, free solitaire, free crappy chess (I would buy a good chessmaster app), and now that I have more than 8GB to play with I did get the Myst port. The ultimate in guilty pleasures, now available in an easily concealable form factor!

  1. Demon’s Souls-anyone who hasn’t imported this doesn’t yet know what the best game of 2009 is probably going to be. I guess in the fall when Atlus releases it in the US you can correct that. It takes everything that is good and right about traditional RPGs, mixes it with a bit of roguelike (but with much more forgiving progress), and an action combat system that rewards skill and a cool head as much (if not more) than it does raw power. The story is 90% the setting and the level design, giving it a survival horror flair at times and making it a refreshing change that Squenix could learn a lot from.

  2. Resident Evil 5: I don’t know what biohazarous means, but I agree.

  3. Fallout III + DLC (PC Version with Mart’s Mutant Mod and its companions, a zoomable sniper rifle, Extended galaxy radio and Existenz radio, etc). It’s like a completely new game, even after having the original w/o DLC dominate my gaming last year.

  4. Dark Spire: A perfectly balanced traditional RPG on the DS that blows Etrian’s and recent roguelikes out of the water in terms of its depth and (relative) accessibility. The second part is key.

  5. Prototymfamous: If you play them in close proximity to one another, they make one good game instead of two mediocre titles.

That was easy.

The first comment is classic. I would would like add that Total Annihilation is also the funnest game ever.

  1. Chinatown Wars
  2. Rock Band Unplugged
  3. Eliss
  4. Art Style: HacoLife
  5. Wii Sports Resort

I don’t know that I have five yet, let alone the number you ended up with, but I’m quite sure that my list would not be complete without Plants vs. Zombies.

I am shocked by the lack of Plants vs Zombies.

I haven’t played ANY of the games on that list; not one. Very odd. I’m thinking RFG will be the first one I grab. I don’t have a Wii, which excludes a couple of those games. I’m glad to see the system has some nice titles on it though.

REALLY REALLY looking forward to Demon’s Souls though. Tempting to import it. Is it still in English, LK? Also, do you have to mod your PS3 in any way?

Personally, I would add inFamous to the list, but I understand that I like of Qt3ers don’t care for it.

Demon’s souls is really making me think ps3 this fall if they do a decent price drop.

Okay, shit. I’m gonna have to break down and buy Red Faction now. Damn you, Tom Chick!

Also, alert! Amazon has Chinatown Wars as a “lightning deal” now for $19.99! I’mo buy one now, before you!

  1. Plants vs Zombies (PC)
  2. Bully for the PC since it wasn’t playable till this year (PC)
  3. Ghost Busters (PC)
  4. Sims 3 (PC)
  5. Rocket Riot (xbox live)
  6. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (PC)
  7. Space Invaders Extreme (xbox live)
  8. Wallace and Gromit by Telltale (PC)
  9. Oregon Trail (iphone)
  10. Miami Law (DS)

RF:G is probably my game of the year right now.

  1. Red Faction: Guerilla
  2. Arma: II
  3. Rhythm Heaven
  4. Sims 3
  5. Plants vs. Zombies
  6. Street Fighter 4

GAH! I couldn’t do it. :(

The entire game apart from the instruction manual is in English, voice and text. You want to make sure you order the ASIA or KOREA version, not the Japanese. The Japanese is the only one that will not work for you language-wise. The only instruction manual you really need is the wiki and the Demon’s Souls thread here. Much like a roguelike, the game is scrupulously fair and insists on you finding the optimal way to address enemies; in a way, playing without the manual at first is a better experience (particularly for the first level).

The PS3 is region free for games afaik, but it’s definitely going to play this title. You do not need a headset or anything beyond an internet connected PS3 in order to take advantage of its unique, counter-to-everything-I’ve-gotten-used-to-on-the-xbox coop and adversarial. With Play-Asia’s cheapo shipping, I received mine in about a week and for around 72$, and it looks like it’s a bit cheaper now. Stock fluctuates, but what I like about P-A is that they don’t charge until they ship.

where are:

devil summoner 2
knights in the nightmare
devil survivor
rock band unplugged
time gentlemen, please

lizard king: have you played class of heroes?

I’d go:

  1. Street Fighter IV
  2. Prototype
  3. Plants vs. Zombies

With nothing else I’ve played that’s been released this year meriting a mention so far. I’m pretty sure Out of the Park X is really good, but I can’t see that enough has changed to buy it yet again. Plenty of great stuff coming up though, particularly looking forward to HoI3, Modern Warfare 2, Arkham Asylum and Alpha Protocol.

And Just Cause 2, Solium Infernum, the new Monkey Island, Splinter Cell 5, Dead Rising 2, Football Manager 2010…

Thinking it over, it seems like this year is tremendously backloaded, even more then usual

Your post is the first I’ve heard of it, but I don’t have a PSP so I’m guessing it’s out of the question anyway. The only other game from your list that I’ve played is Devil Summoner 2, and it’s impossible to pay attention to its retro ass right now with all of these bright shiny new distractions in front of me. Rediscovering PC gaming in the last few weeks at max settings has changed my priorities for the time being. The lull that’s coming up should give me time to look deeper into it.



I love lists with games that I’ve never even heard of!

Also, I can’t tell if Doug is listing a game called Time Gentlemen, Please, which would be an awesome name for a racing game set in Victorian England in which you race various steampunk zeppelins – an updated Flying Heroes! – or if he’s alerting us to put our pencils down.

I’m super-psyched about Demon Souls, but I’m going to wait until it comes to American for realz. I got the most godawful demo of it at E3. The Atlus guy showing it had no idea how to sell it. If it hadn’t been for you guys who write long adoring posts about bringing it over from Japan like some sort of mail-order bride, I would have seen the demo and written it off as some horrible attempt at a God of War clone.


Sam and the Firefly lives in Japan and is taunting us with wacky Japan-only games.

And Time Gentlemen, Please is, I believe, an indie adventure game that’s the sequel to Ben There, Dan That.