The best games of 2009. Well, the first six months of 2009

I’ve been on a half year trip around the world, so I missed pretty much everything so far. I need to start playing catch up.

In no particular order,

Red Faction: Guerrilla
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
GTA: Chinatown Wars
Resistance: Retribution
Killzone 2

I really, really want to hear more about how GTA: CW was the best written GTA game. I could have written that!

In no particular order,

Red Faction: Guerrilla
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
GTA: Chinatown Wars
Resistance: Retribution
Killzone 2

The story integrates into the mass murdering gameplay rather than existing as something tacked on alongside it and irrelevant. But mostly, it’s funny and has a light touch. It isn’t burdened by its own sense of self-importance. None of the writing in the previous GTAs was as good as it thought it was.


House of the Dead Overkill, Devil Survivor, Street Fighter IV, Infamous, and finally Demon’s Souls would be the five games I enjoyed the most this year.

I’d put my hand in a oven that Demon’s Souls is going to be the game of the generation, the scale and depth of this game is simply mind-blowing. There’s NO WAY anything else will even come close.

jesus christos, tom: go to and pay yer 5 bux or 2.x quid for the funniest lucasarts adventure clone horked up by the indie game scene yet: time gentlemen, please!

Maybe I’ve already transitioned to a jaded afterglow, but I’m going to leave it at “likely number one for the year”.

Zombie Cow deserve your money. Go, buy, now, as I am just about to.

Time gentlemen, please is what is normally called out by the bartender when he is closing the bar. Over here, at least. It’s a cue to finish up your drink and leave.

If we are going to engage in pre-release hyperbolic hysteria, I suggest we stop being so modest about it. Let’s raise the bar on this sucker! Let’s take it to the next level!

To wit:

Demon’s Souls is quite literally going to be the best game to come out since before time began. Forget anything you’ve ever known about anything, this is simply the absolute apex of everything else. Not only would I gladly sell my mother into slavery just to play Demon Souls, but she would be glad for me. I do not plan on changing my underwear until it is released, and after that, I won’t change either, because I will be too busy playing this certifiable masterpiece of creative genius, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since at least the time of Mozart or even perhaps before!

See? Let’s try harder here people!

I respect your effort, but I wanted to clarify that for those of us that were willing to import it for a minor surcharge, it is in fact post-release hyperbolic hysteria.

I stand corrected, sir. :) Please edit my sample text accordingly.

I nominate the LizardKing as our new overlord.

You mean Overlord II?

In no particular order, favorites of the handful of games I’ve played thusfar.

Plants Vs. Zombies
Peggle Dual Shot
Wallace & Gromit

SF4 by a long shot. 160 hours in so far, no other game this gen comes close. I skipped BlazBlue because I realized I am far ftom done with this one.

I have played many games I realy enjoyed - Resident Evil 5, Infamous, Chronicles of Riddick, Red Faction, and Demon’s Souls, but thanks to SF4 I haven’t really played much of them. I want to knock out Infamous this weekend and move onto COR or RE5.

Eliss is an iPhone game! I think it was made by a Spanish guy. It’s not obscure at all, as that sort of thing goes.

And Art Style HacoLife is a DSiWare game - it came out in the US last week, though I think it’s called BoxLife now.

I’ve played both games as much as anything else this year, so on the list they go. I think my stereotype should be ‘really likes minimalist touchscreen puzzle games’ rather than ‘really likes obscure wacky Japanese games’.

Well, admittedly I’d never heard of Eliss. But I did recall you talking about Art Style HacoLife and its Japan-only context. Evidently that has changed. But I still don’t own a DSi, so, eh.

I definitely can’t disagree with Red Faction, as it’s my GOTHalfYear. However Street Fighter 4 was definitely second place in my own hypothetical list, and Dawn of War II was right up in there.

In the pool of “top quality” would also (probably) go GTA:CW, Sims 3 and Blood Bowl. Honourable mentions to GH: Metallica, Wolverine, Plants vrs Zombies and Dynasty Warriors Gundam II (and I bet I’m the only person here with that game swimming around such a list!).

I just ordered RF:G for the PS3 sight unseen, without reading a review (except the praise for the game here on Qt3). You guys better not be wrong!

I haven’t yet bought a game that was released in 2009 for either the PC or PS3 (the two platforms I have), let alone have a top 5 or top 10. All the best games I’ve played this year were rereleases of games from 10+ years ago. I’ve high hopes for the second half (actually the last quarter) of 2009 to actually get me some games I can praise for this year.