The best games of 2014 (so far!)

Todd, I'm afraid A Study in Emerald would never work as a solo game. The concept of hidden identities is a fundamental part of the gameplay.

That's an excellent point, Mr. November. As much as I'd like to peddle this idea that we shouldn't discriminate by platform, it's an inescapable fact that there are unique and sometimes high barriers to entry for boardgames. The learning curve -- you really have to have a dedicated rules reader and teacher in your playing group -- is a big one. And in the case of A Study in Emerald, I don't think you can get it for less than $70.

Whatever they are, hopefully I haven't played them! :)

Thanks for the reply Tom. That is too bad as the game does look very intriguing. I feared there may have been a hidden information mechanic involved Oh well, I guess I will have to admire it from a distance.

A microtransaction-ridden game that has an up-front price tag like Garden Warfare really doesn't belong on any kind of "best games" list.

1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
2. Shovel Knight
3. Kero Blaster
4. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Pretty different games exccept Kero\Shovel.

Those are the only 2014 games I've played unless I'm forgetting something which I probably am. Well I did try MK8 at a friend's, but I really couldn't get into that. Poor man's Sonic Transformed! Looking forward to USFIV(yeah, that's right!) and I feel bad for still not having started some of the games I've bought like Crimzon Clover, Astebreed and Ys Celceta(2014 eu).