The best local co-op...PC games.

Wha? Awesome! A shame they haven’t put out a single other game since Jamestown though.

Huh? Plenty of co-op!

Great list @geggis!

Haha, yeah, I knew I’d get pulled up on that! :-) While I played Assault Android Cactus with a friend I remarked that we weren’t really co-operating, just kind of co-habiting the same space but playing in solo bubbles. We weren’t communicating or co-ordinating like in Overcooked or Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or Portal 2. To me that’s what co-op is; where a single player can’t really progress or succeed alone.

Now you’ve pressed me on it, you could raise this criticism at Jamestown and Cuphead and the Rayman games too, all of which I’ve played, finished and loved as co-op experiences. I suppose I just like my co-op explicit rather than a sort of bi-product of bringing more players to an otherwise solo experience, if that makes sense? I’ve jokingly called them ‘co-hab’ games in the past.

(By the way, said friend and I do a video series of local multiplayer games, primarily on PC, called Side by Side which I’ve linked to elsewhere on Qt3 with the permission of Tom. The older seasons are a bit ropey quality-wise but we’ve gotten a lot better in the last two or three. Our latest episode – posted up today in fact!! – looks at Totally Reliable Delivery Service.)

Check it out, @roguefrog, those two jerks the two hosts provide invaluable feedback about that aspect that is vastly ignored everywhere else.

Can’t believe I forgot to mention it.

Fair enough. The majority of co-op experiences are indeed just adding another player to tackle the enemies with. In many ways I prefer it, since I’m rarely around people who are as experienced in games as I am, including my kids (and there’s a great disparity among them as well based on age).

Has Castle Crashers been mentioned?

Yeah that’s totally understandable and a problem I relate to!

@Clay aye, Bluddy mentioned it above! Fun brawler that one.

@Left_Empty it’s okay ;-)

My kids appreciate the poo jokes in that one. 💩

I have jumped back into Rayman because of this thread.

But all alone. Snif.


Now out! And with a great discount for owners of Jamestown (not just the 17%).

Bought! Thanks for the heads-up Bluddy.

I never could get a good enough score in Jamestown to move beyond the third level. I’d clear it, but not well enough on the game’s eyes to move forward.

A bizarre design decision.

I don’t remember your score preventing you from progressing!

I didn’t enjoy the first because of that weird decision, amongst others.

We just had so much fun with this over co-op it’s silly. And free for the next week on the Epic Games Store!

Glad you enjoyed it Brian! Great that it’s on Epic for free in addition to their usual giveaways. I don’t remember from when I last played it but does it have online play?

Yup that’s how we played it.


The greatest local co-op game of all time, Overcooked! 2, is on PC Gamepass.