The Best of 2020 List of Lists Thread

Minecraft RTX
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Doom Eternal
Demons Soul remastered
The Last of Us 2
Half-Life Alyx
Flight Simulator 2020
Spider-Man Miles Morales
Cyberpunk 2077

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The IGS link is dead. Is there a cached copy of the article somewhere?

Is it pretentious to shortlist a previously-unreleased 16-bit Genesis game for GOTY?

Try this?

No. He’s very up front that these are just his favorite games of 2020 that he played this year.

Did you mean to stop updating the original thread?

Wait a second, Game Spew? I always thought it was Game’s Pew, like they were hanging out at a church sermon or something.

It’s actually ‘Gam ESP, Ew’ where they used to produce psychically shaming videos of women’s legs next door.

lol this one though

I seriously do not understand the love for Hades. I mean it’s fine, but really? It’s a re-skin of The Binding of Isaac. What is the deal?

3 of the deals with Hades (non-exhaustive):

  • Polish
  • Pacing
  • Attention to detail

Yea, I feel left out because I don’t understand the hype either and I want my money back.

Metacritic top scores for 2020:

You don’t see that top game on many lists this year.

Fanatical, Gamersgate, Indiegala, and Green Man Gaming are all legit.

Most of my fighting game purchases are through these folks, as I know I won’t be refunding those games, and you get an additional 10-20% off usually over what Steam sells things for.

Games journalists love Hades because it has God Mode.

Ah, the classic joke about how games journalists are bad at videogames.

Also WinGameStore, GamesPlanet, and GamesBillet. All of those mentioned are key sellers, in that publishers sell them keys. Re-sellers and gray market stuff are something completely different.
Honestly, if you’re only buying Steam games from Steam you’re getting screwed for no reason. I can’t imagine shopping for games without using or Game deals - Find PC games on sale -

I’ll add incredible art direction, which includes beautiful writing, and fantastic voice work, not just how it all looks (though it does look great too).