The Best of 2020 List of Lists Thread

Best mods of 2020:

The Half Life 2 mod at #10 looks like it might be good, as does the mod for Black Mesa at #5.

Two lists from the soon to be defunct US Gamer.

I’m really going to miss US Gamer.

I had somehow missed 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. It has such an awkward name. But after reading this blurb, I’m off to find the Qt3 thread for it, since it sounds pretty awesome.

EDIT: Woah, after a search, I discovered Qt3 doesn’t have a thread about this game? I guess maybe it’s not great after all? Or just completely overlooked?

It’s my general impression that anime games don’t have much of an audience around here, though I could be wrong.

It has gotten a number of rave reviews at the end of the year as a weird and intriguing visual novel, but I think it’s still relatively obscure. I’m curious about anyone’s experiences with it, although from what I heard it’s probably not something I would be able to stick with long enough to enjoy the story’s unfolding.

After reading the actual USGamer review linked in my quote above, it sounds like they loved the adventure game/visual novel half of 13 Sentinels, but felt that the other half of the game time, the RTS battles, were pretty bland. Having half the play time be RTS battle might put a damper on my potential enjoyment of this one.

Still, if the PS4 still had a wishlist, I’d have added this to it.

I’ve had this for awhile and enjoy it but purely for the visual novel part. The RTS stuff is very easy and not very interesting but because it’s so quick it’s not really half the game maybe closer to a third? Think of it like a palate cleanser when you want to take a quick break from the story. There’s definitely some anime trope stuff going on but nothing that really detracts from the experience for me. There’s nothing really groundbreaking here and if you read sci-fi this won’t blow your mind but as far as video game stories go it’s presented in a unique way and I find it interesting. And as a VanillaWare game it is of course beautiful and doesn’t lean into the cheesecake as much as past games if that was a problem for you.

It’s my personal Game of the Year. But it’s a lengthy visual novel (the battles are fairly enjoyable, but a small part of the game) and also very anime. So I don’t think there’s much of an audience for it here.

The battles are signficantly less than half of the game. Less than a third even.

Only on PS4?

Yeah only on PS4 (or PS5 backwards compatible).

Damn, I was getting super hype reading about it until I realized that. Haven’t owned a PS product since the 2, sadly. Ah well.

i ❤ hot moms

Best Buried Treasures from

First on the list is Wide Ocean Big Jacket, so this must be a good list.

Oh, and PC Gamer completed their list:


I saw their picks for best roguelike and game of the year and I wondered where they stuck Hades.

I bought There is No Game for my phone yesterday on a whim and I have never laughed so hard at a “game” before.

Shame to see them go. One of the few gaming sites I still visited.

Wow, I really haven’t played many 2020 releases. Spent the year playing catchup to 2017!

So is there a thread for this? I can’t find one. I ask because I’m trying to decide if I want to grab this and online reviews are not helping. It’s 50% off in the PSN Store here in Canada (maybe elsewhere?) and I’ve seen people sporadically mentioning how great it is. I’ve never played a “visual novel” but I do enjoy both anime and the Vanillaware animation style. I loved Odin’s Sphere.

Oh, random question I think I’ve asked before and could Google but I have this tab open, so:

I don’t own a PS console newer than a PS2, and likely won’t anytime soon. Can I play stuff like Aegis Rim via PS Now on my PC?