"The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books"

Source: io9.com

“The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books”

Highlights include:

Nothing wrong in the picture. It’s all covered with AWESOME!

I got it. Vulcans use inline skates.

McCoy’s hat is actually a pair of jockey shorts folded to look like a hat.

Eat some more pills, pillhead.

Ahem. Sulu is sitting at Chekov’s station. That definitely ain’t right.

Oh I see, you’re that guy (2:30).

No, silly, there’s girl sitting in the captain’s chair. Girls can’t be captains.

I had that coloring book.

That was literally my first thought when looking at that picture. “It’s the 60s… she can’t have any authority!”

As captain, she is fully responsible for the deplorable state of the bridge. Q.E.D.

This is the best thread ever.

What’s wrong with the picture? Sulu is popping pills. We all know he only smoked dope.

Those aren’t pills … he’s … he’s …fondling. Shame on you, Sulu! Bringing flowers is not a pass card. And, take yer hat off!

Me too! I have just-surfaced strong memory of coloring Captain Kirk’s clown uniform, and picturing him that way through most of my life – but I didn’t make the connection until just now.

wow - Even here in Denmark I had that coloring book! I had forgotten all about it - awesome!

Early this morning I dreamt Sal from Mad Men drew this coloring book late at night while drunk. It was a filler gig to make some money after he had been fired from Sterling Cooper. Wierd…

Is that supposed to be Kirk sitting at Uhura’s station in the “what’s wrong?” page? Wow.

I think that’s Scotty.

I think it’s Kirk, but I’m not sure. He doesn’t look like Clown Suit Kirk, but he doesn’t look anything like Scotty. Someone research this!

I had this book back when, and I agree.