The best-selling games of the decade 2010-2019

According to NPD.

Full top 20:

Well, that’s bleak, but not surprising.

One very, very big caveat is the Minecraft numbers. As it is not on Steam, none of the PC sales would be captured it seems. There is also the factor of mobile sales too.

I don’t think Minecraft jumping to #1 would reduce the bleakness of all those damn shooter iterations that much!

That’s my thought. I’ve played Red Dead Redemption II, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While I could appreciate some of RDR2’s strengths I just didn’t find it fun to play. Skyrim I kinda needed to force myself to stick with and overall I was happy to finally see much of it’s world after a couple false starts. I need to give Zelda another chance as some of it was cool, but I got distracted and need to start over at this point.

True. It is also the only game on that list I played.

Truly I have the pulse of the zeitgeist.

I’m pretty surprised to see even the Call of Duty iterations that were perceived as failures to be on that list too. Like Infinite Warfare, and Ghosts, and WWII. What the heck? I guess EA would love to have those kinds of failures. Poor Battlefield, it didn’t even do as good as the worst selling CoD game. Same with Destiny.

I’m glad to see Skyrim did well though. And GTA V too. I’m not as big a fan of that game as Tom and some others here, and I definitely loved GTA IV a lot more, but it’s still an amazing achievement and it’s cool to see that rewarded.

Impressive showing by Mario Kart 8 and Zelda, considering they were exclusive to Nintendo platforms, unlike the rest of the list, which was on multiple platforms.

I purchased 10, 13(2x), 14, and 19.

Sad the Witcher 3 didn’t even make the top 20.

Ew, Call of Doody

I am vaguely surprised that Witcher 3 isn’t in there, honestly. Dark Souls as well.

It’s easy to forget just how much of a juggernaut Call of Duty really is in the industry.

I’ve run into a number of people who play that and yearly iterations of Madden, and that’s it.

There is no FIFA games, so I kinda think this chart is incomplete.

Edit: this is US chart only, so I guess it would make sense to not see FIFA.

That would certainly make my hobby cheaper.

Here is the list for just 2019’s top sellers:

And just to compare, here is the top ten for 2000-2009:

Pretty sure my board gaming habit surpassed my video gaming habit last year. I’m pretty sure it because one hobby is full of companies that just want to sell me stuff. The other is full of people looking for schemes to to squeeze more out of me while treating me like a thief.

Still the group that has like a few games they just buy every year, they’re pretty happy campers I think, and they really love those few games they keep buying.

Madden is usually a regular although they maybe fell off a bit in the later years.

I feel like I play too many games… but these lists prove I’m still way out of touch with the average gamer.

So up until I bought MK8 Ultimate on my Switch while it was on sale a second ago, the only one of these I’ve ever owned or played was Skyrim. Now we’re up to 2! Woo! I am the worst gamer :)