"The Best Shows That Never Were"

Monday, 8pm - ABC has a one-hour special on pilots that never got picked up, inclusing such classics as “Samurai, D.A.”

Clearly, this is must-see TV.

Cool, another “filler” TV show put together from bits and pieces. Remember the good old days when there were shows with scripts and actors?

Yes, those shows tend not to come on so much during the summer.

Although, it’s worth nothing that a full 50% of Fox’s fall line-up is comprised of reality shows, or as Variety would put it, “unscripted skeins”.

They could have just used the slot to show Heat Vision and Jack instead…

Twenty-six years on I still remember this pilot fondly.

How about Bette Davis as a supervillain?

Then there is this, which started out as an unsold TV pilot.

Wasn’t this some sort of cafe type show down in L.A. a couple years back? Basically a group of people got footage of a bunch of unreleased pilots and would put on a show at various places with commentary and such. Seeing a segment about it on the news one night made me wish I still live down there.

Was there anything on the Paul Simms pilot (Dexter Prep, I think it was called) that was to feature Stephen Root? I haven’t seen more than a bit of info on that show (which wasn’t picked up by in 2002), and as a big NewsRadio fan was curious to see what Simms would do next.


What’s TV? I moved about 2 months ago and never got an intenna or cable. I miss it occasionally, then I remember the stuff I used to watch and the emptiness passes.

<Insert reference to The Onion’s “Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn’t Own A Television” article here> ;)

I watched this when it aired as a pilot. Super-cheesy Indiana Jones ripoff. I mean, worse than Tales of the Gold Monkey or Bring 'Em Back Alive! ripoff. The epnymous protagonist sported a fedora and a bullwhip, for God’s sake. Ridiculous scenes include Callahn chasing a bad guy through Cairo (or similar Third-World city), bad guy and Callahan both step in puddle, Curtis’ character somehow falls into(!) puddle. Both are tied up on a bed, and her scream shatters glass so Callahan can cut their bonds with it. And in the final scene, Callahan throws a chair and it sticks to the wall, encasing the villian, Vox, leaving him to be eatne by ants. No, seriously. Plus, it was only a half hour, not long enough for whatever the hell it was trying to do. The theme was a hilarious ditty with alternating high-pitched/low pitched “Callahan! Callahan!” riffs.