The best snack/dessert ever!

and the chocolate kind too. these puppies are awesome by themselves, with milk, or sticking out of ice cream.

and i’ve been eating waaaay more than i should lately.

That child’s hand is all four types of menacing.

He actually has that medical condition where you have a withered small child arm.

He tries so hard. It’s inspirational.

Those are made of puppies?

I mean, I prefer the vanilla flavor of them. . . but by God, yes, they’re good. . .

. . . now I want to buy a package. Or eight.

These are better.

Demon makes a good point… I would say that they are both awesome though.

Yeah, those are really good. But I think they are different animals.

I think Reese Peanut Butter cups are the best.

This is my favorite thing ever. In the long years since the claw and I were first acquainted, I keep waiting for it to be topped. It never is.

Jebus, those wafer things are made of puppies! What are these made of, cats?

True enough but on a hot summer day, i’d take a freeze pop over a wafer stick any day.

Yes, this. Especially the holiday ones. The regular ones are kind of weird and chalky. The holiday ones are always fresh and yum.

Have you tried Reese’s Peanut Butter bar? It’s impossible to find now, but it’s probably the best North American milk chocolate bar I’ve ever eaten. And it weighs a tonne! Over a quarter of a pound of deliciousness.

Round here we call those things “Asthma bars” because invariably when consuming one (or shortly thereafter) you get a coughing fit due to the syrup/cold attacking your throat.

That said, blue and purple are the best flavors.

Quite. Usually happens on my second, midway through.

That said, blue and purple are the best flavors.

Wrong. Orange all the way.

A snack has to be pretty damn good to beat a good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Hey, I actually bought one of those on sale a few months ago at our local grocery for a dollar. The portion I had was not too shabby. :)