The best thing I'll see all week: Let Me Make You a Martyr

You can tell right away from the title that Let Me Make You a Martyr is trying something, well…different. Think of the title as the movie warning you beforehand. Hey, it says, this might not be for you. It’s probably right.

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Is it titled “the best thing I’ll see all week” because there’s no way for the rest of us to see it right now?

It’s streaming on “Shudder”, whatever that is.

I did a google search and found these venues:

Just subtly hinting that Tom might want to put a referral link in the article for a few extra pennies. :)

Glad you noticed the distinction! It’s to make the point that I think a lot of people won’t like it. :)

Hmm, for some reason the Amazon link isn’t showing up. EDIT: Fixed it!


haha, I hardly ever get anything subtle. :)

That’d be a very popular horror movie channel, easily available within many cord-cutting packages.

They have this thing called google now. It’s fuckin’ great.

Easy now, how do you think I found it?

Ask Jeeves?

Bing gets no respect. So sad.

So who beside me has seen this?