The best thing you'll see all week: The Abandoned

Title The best thing you'll see all week: The Abandoned
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When July 13, 2011

Two things I loved early on about The Abadoned are how it looks -- this is a gorgeous production design, smartly shot by Nacho Cerda, yet another Spanish director with a great eye -- and a title card that reads "40 years later"..

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I haven't seen Gravedancers, but how dare you suggest that Tcheky Karyo could be anything other than fantastic in something. I love that guy.

Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't see Gravedancers.

Thanks for the recommendation. You've reminded me that I need to see Orphan too.

Karel Roden is a fantastic actor, indeed! I also liked his character in Running Scared. Had no idea about this movie, thanks for the write-up.

You should see Gravedancers, but only if you have a hilarious group of friends who like to sit up late and goof on movies with you in a dark room. Seeing it that way--with a bit of alcohol but not too much--makes that film worth it.


I loved Gravedancers. Sure it goes from creepy to dumb and funny pretty fast, but the combination kept me and all the people in the theater with me entertained.

Gravedancers being stupid does not preclude it being entertaining! :) And, sinnick, if you really want to see Karyo at the limit of what he can provide, you have to see his valiant struggle in Gravedancers. I almost feel bad for the poor guy.

Paul, Running Scared is vintage Roden. Unfortunately, he doesn't have his field medic skills in that movie. He could have used them. Roden is Czech, right? I ask because if you're the Paul I think you are, you're Czech as well. I would say Roden is one of the greatest Czech contributions to civilization after Havel, Kafka, and, of course, all those various Czech models with -ina at the end of their names.

I know for a fact this movie was on streaming for a while. Why couldn't you have found it back then? Damn you, Chick, damn you!

Abandoned was the first of the After Dark Film Festival "Must Haves". It seems like every year when they did the Fest they would release one movie that really stood out from the rest. This movie was creepy, dark and bears watching more than once in order to figure out what all actually happened.

Tom, yes it is me and I absolutely agree - in my humble opinion Roden is the best contemporary Czech actor.
But as far as best Czech contributions to civilization, I would also add Dan V

Huh, my post got messed up. So to finish-

I would also add Dan V

Sorry for spam (third post in a row), but I guess the comment system here does not like diacritic signs, so I cannot write Dan Vavra's name properly - the comment just gets cut off as seen in previous posts. I will try without diacritic sign:

I would also add Dan Vavra and his Mafia 1 in there :-).

And I guess I will also get gravedancers judging by the responses here.

Who is this Tom Chick?

The Abandoned was the only scary thing to ever come out of After Dark Horrorfest.

If you want a movie with a Horrorfest feel that's creepy AND hilarious, I highly recommend Dead End with Ray Wise.