The best thing you'll see since Turbo Killer: Blood Machines

My concern about any follow-up to Turbo Killer, Seth Ickerman’s music video for Carpenter Brut’s song Turbo Killer, is that it will include people talking.

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So I suppose your high expectations have been met?

Wait Tom Chick listens to Carpenter Brut? Can we hang out and listen to darkwave and play HEXplore It together sometime??

I watched the amazing Turbo Killer for the first time this morning thanks to @krayzkrok’s post. Watching Blood Machines now. keanu Whoa./keanu

Great music video and great movie, saw it the other day. It felt like it was shorter than the 50 minutes running time.

Saw Carpenter Brut live in Amsterdam before the virus fucked the world, was a good show.

Massively enjoyed this, though I found myself really wishing for more Brut… more crazy spaceships… more everything really. It left me feeling dissatisfied in a manner only truly captivating diversions tend to; not with the experience itself but with the sudden lack of sensation. I don’t think the curtain has ever looked quite as monochromatic as when the credits stopped rolling for this.

Not quite perfect of course, the, ergh, acting. Plus I kinda felt the music languishes in mere ambience a bit too much at the start.

Quite the finale, however.

I don’t understand why it’s broken into three parts. They seem to end pretty arbitrarily and pick up immediately where the previous part left off, except there’s four minutes plus of credits every time. (With awesome accompanying Carpenter Brut music, so I can’t complain that much.) My girlfriend floated the idea that they could only budget to produce one chunk at a time or something, but the whole thing got released at all at once, so…?

On the downloaded file, the next ‘episode’ starts off immediately, you’re streaming it maybe?

I.e. end ep 1, title of ep 2, start ep 2. Credits at the 45m mark and movie ends at 50m. Think it was about 17 mins in the ‘blood machines’ title pops up.

There’s a download? I thought it was only released on Shudder, which is where I watched it.

Ah, all kickstarter backers got a download link to 17GB video file in 4K with 5.1 audio. Guessing the shudder one is ok also, but think it isn’t available everywhere, and split into episodic format.

I found myself wishing it was much longer, so maybe they could do more ‘episode’ content with Shudder, Blood Machines 2. Or, something new.

Help an old dumb guy out, I watched the 4 minute video which was awesome then the short Blood Machines trailer. Is there more?

Yes. In the post linked at the top the thread, there’s a link. It’s on a streaming service called Shudder.


I’m amused that my wife got a shudder sub for Halloween this year and this was the first thing she put on. The music is excellent and the visuals striking.

You should relinquish the remote to your wife in perpetuity.