The best video ever

None are greater. This is why we have computers.


No doubt. Jamiroquai and OK Go might have something to say about that…

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

Not even close.

And I thought the song was wierd.

My old avatar on here was from that video.

I love that dude’s Trump advert:

Close, but the best happened a couple of decades earlier.

More or less unrelated, but close enough to post.

If the measure of “best” is the one I could watch in a perpetual loop for all of eternity and never lose the smile on my face, it would have to be:

I love this video for its absolute lunatic energy.

Oh man I haven’t thought about Brokencyde in a good long while. Screeamo!

I love a lot of these silly, funny, engaging videos… but for pure cinematic, emotional impact, nothing beats:

Holy shit, Rob. That was awesome.

Love the end. I had forgotten about the gun and I thought Jane was a goner. Still sad, but slightly less so.

Sometimes a guy just wants to climb into a balloon.

“Oh great, I’m becoming trapped in the balloon! Drat! Blast it! Well, I can still breathe. I have got to get OUT of this balloon!”

If by best you mean worst? I pretty much old man jaw opened this whole video.

After this I’d support a worldwide ban on white people dancing. While hey different cultures etc I’d think of all places on earth only South Africa has less right to use blackface than the US. Man. Just watched again. W.T.F! did I just watch.

It’s kind of funny. I made this thread while a touch inebriated. I never thought it would turn into a thread of awesomeness. Thanks to all who have and will post/posted.

Another favorite.

This seems like a good place to recommend Adam Buxton’s Bug, a comedy set cum curated selection of interesting music videos, along with mockery of Youtube comments and an original video and silly song by Buxton. There was a shortlived TV version of it on Sky, most of which you can find on Youtube.