The best video ever

A classic!

So many great videos here folks.

I’ll throw a few of my favourites in, here’s a couple by Michel Gondry because the guy’s a genius at synchronising inspired visuals and sound:

It was Come to Daddy or Windowlicker:

And this, this I always remember, but I can never remember the name of the track/artist so it takes me ages to find it:

Stick to the classics boys, they will serve you well.

I was there for this. In the back, stage right. Tripping balls.

If I may go off on a tangent here… I never missed a Zappa Halloween show in the late 70s early 80s. It was always me and my friend Scott. We always consumed hallucinogenics. At either this show or the 1978 show, there came a moment when the house lights came up and the band threw out things to the audience. They were teardrop shaped. Striped orange and black. They were like those blow up things with weights in the base. You know, hit them and they bounce back up?

Anyway one of these things came right for me. Understand that under the influence of mescaline, time was already slower than baseline. This event slowed it even more. I knew, KNEW, that it was coming right for me. In fact as it approached I was like some kind of missile tracking system. Ultimately I actually caught it. And then time sped up as I was buried under all of humanity. All trying to steal MY PRECIOUS! I was in a sweaty human scrum. I honestly didn’t care. This object. This reward from Frank Zappa. This most important thing in the world was being ripped from my grasp by those less worthy!

Then the Hand of God grabbed me and pulled me to Heaven. By the back of my shirt.

I sort of came back to reality seeing Scott look at me and saying, gravely, “I saved your life, man.”

But the damn thing was mine! It was for me!

Richie, if I didn’t pull you out you would be fucked up now. Watch the show.

And the lights went down. And the music started again.

And I forgot about the flying teardrop. I enjoyed the rest of the show. But on the way home on the F train I said to Scott, It was mine.

And then he said the words that I remember to this day.

“Shut up. I have opium. Let’s go to Wo-Hop and smoke with the cooks downstairs.”

Words to live by.

Someone posted a new KLF video in another thread and it reminded me of this, which blew me away when it came out: