The BFG - Spielberg and Disney, not the Doom gun

Based on Roald Dahl’s story. Mark Rylance is the “Big Friendly Giant”

More Roald Dahl books need to be well adapted. Hope this is a good one. The teaser is pretty darn good.

Cautiously excited. I will take your word on the trailer.

I’m so happy to see a spooky-ish movie for kids, instead of the barrage of smart-talky joke cracking shite of the last… 15 years? To be fair, I guess I’m mostly referring to animated movies, but I guess that’s because there’s been a dearth of fantasy or fantastical pre-teen movies of worth at all, as I consider all the Potters and Hunger Games to be 12-15yr+, and most of the Narnia-ish stuff pretty shit. Bring on the wonder!

I just finished Dahl’s collection of WW2 pilot-themed short stories, so this is sweet to see.

At least in this one he won’t have to shoehorn in a broken home storyline.

I thought this was incredibly boring, even fell asleep a few times. Kids (9 and 6) seemed to like it ok though.

Was it scary? The book is sort of terrifying in a way. Would a 5 yr old be able to handle it?

There some very small creepy parts but nothing too intense. Less scary than a old school Disney animated movie.

Various sources available, so I’ll go with what Google gave me first for “BFG bomb

This sucker’s gonna get creamed domestically, so unless some gigantic trove of Dahl-enthusiasts go out in droves in the UK or Chinese audiences get really tired of Warcraft but still want CGI fun, it’s probably not gonna make back its (significant budget). A real fluke in the Spielberg canon and for current-era Disney alike!

The trailers make it look like one of those lame elementary school-age kids’ movies that’s chock full of twee lameness. Add to that, the fact that outside of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, most US folks don’t read Roald Dahl anymore.

I think the first mistake was the name. Yes, the book is called “The BFG”, but if you were targeting kids (which this movie is), how about calling it “The Friendly Giant”? Also, maybe I’m the minority here, but I had never heard of The BFG, as a book, until I saw a commercial for the movie itself.

Second, you release it in the middle of a Pixar run that you had to know was going to still be going strong in week 3. It’s even YOUR movie that you released it against. Pixar movies tend to run heavy until weeks 4 or 5; they should’ve waited until mid-July to release this one.

Lastly, the advertising campaign has been all over the place. Is it a heart-felt adventure of a girl and her new giant friend? Is it a horror movie, as some of the commercials make it seem? Is the target audience 7 year old or 27 year olds? I really couldn’t tell from the advertisements that I saw.

The book is sort of scary… about giants that kidnap children while they are sleeping and eat them, with names like “Babycruncher” and “Bonebreaker,” etc. Sounds like they really dumbed it down for the movie.

Yea that was an incredibly stupid name.

Ok… Just watched the movie and have some thoughts.
Its a nice enough movie, but it just doesn’t manage to really shine properly.

Even though the giant looks really good, the CG figure feels extremely weightless, which I feel is a common problem with digital acting. They do add thumping footsteps and try to give his steps heft, but many movements just didn’t convince me and were too “soft”. I had to think of the Final Fantasy movie a few years back. Great textures, just missing that certain something.

The next thing that feel didn’t quite work, is the narrative structure. We have a cool intro and a fun final act, but the movie really drags for the middle hour or so. They are trying some world building, and its cute and visually inventive most of the time, but it just feels too aimless and almost melancholic. The antagonists are too generic and simple to really be scary and there isn’t quite enough sense of fun and games / wonder to really rouse you and pull you in. I’m not surprised @CharlesC fell asleep during this part…

Anyway, the ending is fun enough, though a bit too simple for my liking. But then, it IS a childrens movie and more of a light fable than an adventure movie.