The Biden Presidency is underway.

What a shame. Moment of silence.

No question she has been an extremely effective and good counter to the need for a mandatory retirement age. Still if had retired 4 years ago, that would have been four year that her replacement would have had an opportunity to learn on the job, with a younger Nancy to provide guidance. Or perhaps more importantly had a chance to fail, with Nancy in the background to step in as needed.

Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnel, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Mungers are the exception not the rule for old folk still highly capable of doing their jobs. I looked at the young leaders of Ukraine, and I’m envious. The mandatory retirement of airline pilot at 60 was silly, now it is 65. But sometime between 65 and 85 seems sensible.

It’s time for Nancy to move on. She has been, in the big picture, effective and successful but all things must come to an end. Leading a minority in the House during the very tough next two years will be a good learning experience for the new Leader, hopefully preparing them to become Speaker after 2024. The Dems need to reinvigorate their Congressional leadership in general to create a mix of older and younger folks. I don’t think a wholesale “toss out the olds” is the answer, but an infusion of new blood is IMO required.

Has Justin Amash offered to lead the Democrats yet?

Same for me. I really didn’t wanted different leadership, but she’s done an amazing job. Huge props to her.

I would have more respect for them if they weren’t involved in hiding all the money they make in investments, and dodging taxes by claiming to be a religious institute.

FOX: Man with dementia gets cake. Does not recognize his family.

Cake after breakfast? My man! :D

Also FOX news: Only 1 candle, due to soaring wax candle inflation.

This WH Press Corps meltdown over Biden’s grandchild’s wedding is really something to behold. They are so desperate for some kind of false equivalency scandal they can report about Biden / the Dems that they have settled on the WH told us the wedding would be private but there are some pictures of people in Vogue see they lie just like the former guy lied!

It’s funny how Rs not up for re-election get much more centric and reasonable. It’s like they finally get to express their real views.

Blunt been’s a prick his whole time serving, but his replacement senator Schmitt is a worse prick and of course Hawley is an abomination.

I got another chance to meet President Biden today! This time with a handshake and without masks. 👍 🇺🇸


Damn, that is awesome.

Thank you for sharing.

We should run rrmorton in 2024. That’s a winning smile!

A trusting face, one that would drink a beer with you, right? :)

Pfft. That is the face of someone who will politely demur for the last beer in the sixpack and then accuse blameless others of lunging for the final beer when no such apparent lunging ever took place.


That picture is awesome!!

🍺 💪

Beer-lunging is a perfectly natural panic reflex, trig, and nothing to be ashamed of. 😆

I was happy to have another chance to meet him! He was filled with good advice for my 13 year-old daughter… No serious guys until she’s 30, dads are hard to raise, etc. (She’s in the picture too… Just cropped it to look like he and I are besties.)

And since I felt like such a tongue-tied doofus last year, I was glad to have a do-over. I thanked him for a year of steady leadership and for being such a good role model of empathy.

Thank you for your thanks to Joe!