The Biden Presidency is underway.

Has there been a big outcry about Biden calling Xi a dictator a couple hours later? The one statement I saw, it looked like the Chinese were trying to deflect it to the media trying to generate drama, which to be fair possibly was the truth. Did the reporter really think that all of the sudden Biden no longer thought Xi was the leader of a communist country?

Xi was probably “well, yeah!” (turns around and high fives Kim who steps in from the side).

Trump says it as well, it’s just that he considers it a good thing.

You forgot the guy from the second Austin Powers movie.

The picture in the article is Xi raising his hand after being acknowledged as a dictator for the high five from Kim who is in the bushes just to the side of the frame.

Given Biden’s luck lately, I fully expect the pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey to go shoot up a mall on Black Friday.

Courtesy of Matt Yglesias, 17 points you can use when arguing with your relatives this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s all going better than you think it is :)

  1. The United States has had the strongest inflation-adjusted recovery from the pandemic of any major global economy and has the lowest inflation rate in the G7 this year. Since the pandemic, wages have risen faster than prices.
  2. The price of a Thanksgiving dinner is lower this fall than it was in 2022.
  3. American crude oil and natural gas production are both at all time highs, as are American energy exports.
  4. After a huge increase during Donald Trump’s administration, murder has fallen since Biden’s inauguration. We are on track to have about 15 percent fewer murders this year than during the final year of the Trump administration.
  5. The Trump administration proposed cuts to state and local law enforcement in every budget submission, while the Biden administration has invested in local law enforcement.
  6. The budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2023 is $1.4 trillion lower than it was in Fiscal Year 2020.
  7. Donald Trump ran and won in 2016 promising to have Medicare negotiate the price of prescription drugs with pharmaceutical companies, only to flip-flip and abandon this in office. Democrats passed a law to do this, and it’s now actually happening.
  8. Beyond price negotiation and its well-known climate provisions, the Inflation Reduction Act also finally closes the “donut hole” on Medicare pharmaceutical coverage.
  9. The Biden administration has a proposal to extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund and avert looming insolvency. Trump has no such plan (he’s not really a plans guy), and repealing the IRA would slightly accelerate insolvency.
  10. More people are employed today than at any previous time in American history, and the share of working-age people with a job is higher than at any point in the Trump administration.
  11. New small businesses have been forming at a record pace during the Biden administration.
  12. The Biden administration is moving forward with planned expansions of the southern border wall and is fighting court battles with leftists as it tries to crack down on people who pass through Mexico and Central America en route to claiming asylum in the United States.
  13. Historically, though, illegal immigration has always risen during times of high labor demand in the United States, including when Trump was president. Illegal immigration crashed not when Trump took office, but when Covid crushed the economy and there were no jobs to be gained by moving here.
  14. Deportation orders are being issued at record levels, but the immigration court system is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, which is leading to expanding waiting lists.
  15. Congressional Republicans have been refusing to appropriate more funds to address the issue, because they believe border chaos embarrasses Biden and helps them win elections. By the same token, they keep encouraging more migrants to come with reckless and false claims that the border is “open,” because it’s a good hit on Biden and they know they benefit from chaos.
  16. If you’re torn between thinking Democrats are too far left and Republicans are too far right (understandable), consider that the senate map puts a heavy thumb on the scale for Republicans, and they have an entrenched 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court, so a GOP president is dramatically more likely, in practice, to go off the rails.
  17. Republicans are committed to enacting over $3.3 trillion in new tax cuts if they win, which will either cause inflation and interest rates to surge or else force the cuts to Social Security and Medicare they have promised to avoid.

Yay? lol

The way I interpreted the purpose of the post isn’t giving reasons to cheer Biden (even if there are things to cheer), it’s:

Because I can guarantee that when my family starts bitching about Biden, the first item will be either “Biden’s war on oil” or “Biden’s left our border completely undefended”. So, those items are a couple bullet points with which to argue against those narratives.

In terms of the merits of actual policy, I think the border wall is just as fucking stupid as it was under Trump.

The border wall is a stupid idea, but border security, some sort of border control isn’t. Unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration’ is not a good thing or sustainable.

I know many here will disagree with that and consider me some kind of unfeeling stooge. But the status quo can’t continue.

Found this bit of satire.

“I lost my entire life savings fighting cancer, the fact that the White House would give away the cure for free is disrespectful to the millions who have died without care.”
-Ethel, 42

To my utter astonishment, I’ve learned over the last 7 years that this is exactly the way a lot of people would respond.

This is an extension of what I’ve learned in my 20+ years of Appalachian Living: Nobody hates poor people more than other poor people.

That does seem to be staple in shows about West Virginia, and the deep south. Never having lived there I always wondered if the stereotype was true.

I’m on the WV border and I see it all the time. Have a housefire? Bad medical news? We’ll throw a big spaghetti dinner at the VFW, fire hall, whatever for you and raise money. Can’t find a job and take a gov’t check? Why, you’re just a lazy piece of shit. HAVE a job but ALSO take a gov’t check? Also just a lazy piece of shit.

Ah, the sort of folk that’ll have “10% is good enough for God it should be good enough for the IRS” bumper stickers but have never heard of Jubilee, or the actual purpose of said tithes as laid out in their Bible.

Or realize that tax law makes it so that the wealthy can avoid paying even as little as 10%.

I assume to help the poorer in society?

People of the Land, we call them.

Executive Summary: Indeed!