The Biden Won & it's OVER, Deep dish pizza is delicious, & Gilmore Girls is awesome thread

Kamala and Doug. First inter-racial couple in the White House? First couple with different surnames?

Biden and Harris to speak at 8pm ET tonight.

Trump should be pleased. I’m sure the crowd to watch his walk of shame will be the biggest ever

Dr. Biden for Secretary of Education?

Van Jones got me in the feels.

First interracial couple in the executive: Vice President Richard Mentor Johnson, who was truly one of the greatest assholes in US history. He and his common-law wife were not married (she being a slave and all) and thus had different last names. And were not officially “married” by benefit of state or clergy.

Time to drain the (actual) swamp and make America (genuinely) great again, though what would be unfettered joy is already tempered by preemptive fury at Mitch goddamn McConell still being majority leader. I hate my damn state.

But must focus on the positive. Take the win, even if it’s only one battle in a long war.

Spent time with my pup at the vet yesterday, and we spent quite a bit of time celebrating this. Maybe a day early, but hey.

Not if he gets on a plane for Russia instead.

Still a chance at changing that- Georgia has to pull off a double miracle in January, but it can happen.

Picture from Painganadu, India.

Still many battles to fight.

Catie Edmondson 1m ago

In one of the first statements from a G.O.P. lawmaker, Representative Fred Upton of Michigan has affirmed a Biden victory. “I am raising my hand and committing to working with President-elect Biden,” he said.

She is going to get so many death threats.

Heartfelt congratulations.