The Biden Won & it's OVER, Deep dish pizza is delicious, & Gilmore Girls is awesome thread

The crowd outside the White House right now is massive.

Adam Nagourney, in Los Angeles 2m ago

Jeb Bush just tweeted congrats to Biden. Watch for a bunch of these from Republicans as the day goes on. Not sure it will prompt Trump to concede, but the nation is moving on.

That’s the big thing about folks like Upton congratulating Biden.

It’s sending the message to 1600 Pennsylvania: “It’s over. Knock it off.”

Brooklyn having a moment.

This is very much like how Rohan felt When Theoden sent Grima Wormtongue packing.

Let’s hope someone sits the Daily National Embarrassment down soon to tell him that yes, he’s lost and that he’s gone on January 20th.

I hereby nominate Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Look at all those Trump supporters wishing him well!

Trump finally got his big crowd!

I was out getting a sandwich when it was announced, I wasn’t sure what was happening, I though there was a fire or something going on. :D

God knows people need and deserve this, but I hope they are being as careful as they can. Despite DJT’s assertions, covid is still booming post November 3rd.

NPRs coverage is so cute. “Some Trump supporters have gathered and many people are honking their horns and gesturing at them”

BTW, if you’re outside of the US, or if you’re in the US and may not fully grasp what a task this was…

Since 1900, there have been FIVE elected US Presidents who stood for re-election to a second term and lost: Taft in 1912 (because of a third-party challenge by TR) Hoover (to FDR in the Great Depression), Jimmy Carter in 1980, GHW Bush in 1992, and now Donald Trump.

Truly the ending this presidency deserved.

Er, and Jimmy Carter.

Ack, forgot him somehow. Editing!

You should also add Taft.

I love all the celebrating, but I have to agree with Tom Nichols people shouldn’t be gathering. We are already in a nasty upswing and this is going make it worse.