The Biden Won & it's OVER, Deep dish pizza is delicious, & Gilmore Girls is awesome thread

Huh. Yep, forgot about the whole bull moose nonsense.

I’m gonna buy some of this today I think.

I think the BLM protests showed that responsible outdoor gatherings don’t necessarily translate to huge transmission spikes, but I can’t speak for how responsible these will be.

I am never seen america this happy.


Nicholas Fandos 10m ago

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer called Biden at 12:45 p.m. to congratulate him and extend their support for working with his administration, an aide said.

Emily Cochrane, in Washington 8m ago

Schumer, celebrating on the streets of Brooklyn during the call with Pelosi and Biden, held up his phone so the president-elect could hear the crowds cheering, an aide said.

Was TR President through early 1909? Then Taft for four years, then Wilson etc.?

Quite possibly August 1945 is the last time

This should be great!

Yes, Taft was elected in 1908 as the successor of TR. TR was disappointed by Taft and tried to primary him in 1912, which failed. TR then formed a third party against Taft, which split the Republican vote and led to Wilson’s victory.

As a belated consolation prize, Taft was appointed Chief Justice of the the SCOTUS.

It’s official. Champagne with dinner tonite.

Hurrdurr Kasich will save us all.

Why are we giving that ice cream forking asshole airtime again?

Love everyone across the world weighing already, and all the celebrating in other countries. It is heartening to know in spite of our missteps that the world still does care and have hope for us.

IIRC Chappelle was the host the weekend after the 2016 election as well.

And I’m guessing that has already been said a dozen times.

Glenn Thrush, in Washington 8m ago

Senator Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, is not waiting for Trump to concede. He’s congratulated Biden and Harris and praised them “as people of good will and admirable character.”

He was! What a somber night.

One more apropo NBA tweet…

SCOTUS was the job he really wanted in the first place.

Was this widely known? I had no idea, and I follow him on Twitter.

Carter was 80, not 76.

My modest libation.