The Biden Won & it's OVER, Deep dish pizza is delicious, & Gilmore Girls is awesome thread

And soon he’ll be evicted!

I just heard Kasich on NPR and he was telling republicans that they start to need to listen to democrats instead of just stupidly assuming they were dangerous socialists. Actually listening to each other instead of knocking down strawmen would be nice, though I’m not counting on it actually happening.

I cannot wait for the fucker to show up at his golf course in Scotland sans all his security bullshit. The locals are going to rip him a new one for sure…

I honestly no longer give two fucks.

I’ve been watching Fox today, to see how they are covering it. They’re playing it straight. Both the anchors (Baier and McCallum) and the guests have been repeating the same things:

  • Biden won (and they do call him the President-Elect occasionally)
  • Recounts deliver small changes, hundreds of votes, so they won’t change things
  • There is no “hard evidence” for any of the fraud claims, and even if there were, the margins are probably too large for them to matter

They are being complimentary to Trump (it is true that he got the second-most votes of any candidate in US history). They’re not saying he should concede. But they’re not disputing the result.

This seems like a positive sign. They’re not fanning the flames.


There shouldn’t be any balls. I’m serious. Joe should just take the oath, and then limo straight to the Oval.

Think of how many people couldn’t be with their loved ones as they died in COVID units, having to settle with Facetime at best. Or the millions of high school kids who had their proms cancelled. Or of all those one-in-a-lifetime events that so many people missed this past year. Weddings and funerals and long-planned vacations. Me not being able to see Tenet in the theater.

A ball would be a terrible, terrible, terrible signal to start off with. The country is in a time of deep crisis. Joe is the kind of guy who would totally cancel the parties.

BTW, Biden has added to his lead in Nevada by a small amount, and also in Georgia by a dozen votes I think…since the race was called.

If it tracks like yesterday, you’re watching their harder news segments. When they cross over to their “opinion” people, it’s going to be all hate, lies, and bile.

Emily Cochrane, in Washington Just now

Representative Will Hurd, Republican of Texas, who is also retiring: “It’s time to come together. America has spoken and we must respect the decision.”

It’s time to put country over party and stop punching ourself in the balls.


Yeah, when Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity get a crack at it…


Or rather, fake interpretation. They ring the church bells like that every day at 7pm.

I just heard him on CNN, and he called himself a ‘proud centrist’. Everyone believes their views are the right ones (else they would not have them), and everyone believes that everyone else should reasonably come to the same views (because they are the right ones), and everyone naturally believes those views put them in the center of right thinking.

But Kasich is not in the center. And if he thinks Republicans can cooperate with Joe Biden to accomplish meaningful things, what is his prescription for climate change legislation of a form that Republicans will agree to? What is his prescription for universal affordable access to health care of a form that Republicans will agree to? His comment on climate change was yes, I think we can do something on climate, but not this green new deal. We’re Americans, not socialists!

What he means is we are ready to enact tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and corporate welfare for oil companies and deal with the deficit by cutting / constraining social security and Medicare and Joe should agree to those things.

Can’t get enough of the street scenes of people going apeshit. What a wonderful moment if not for covid.

Again I very reluctantly agree with Tom Nichols that burning Facebook and Fox to the ground won’t solve anything as much as I’d like to see it happen and see Murdoch swing, but I wish there were actual consequences for them. I don’t know what the answer is. Something else would fill the vacuum to keep their info ecosystem going and these people will continue to wallow in their “reality”.

NBC bravely projects Nevada for Biden.