The BIG game poll (public)

‘Other’ VOTES:

Thief - 6 votes

Doom - 3 votes

Fallout - 3 votes

Master of Magic - 3 votes

Star Wars: TIE Fighter - 2 votes

Zelda - 2 votes

System Shock - 2 votes

Outcast - 1 vote

Wizball - 1 vote

Pirates! - 1 vote

God Hand - 1 vote

Quake - 1 vote

Front Mission - 1 vote

Elder Scrolls - 1 vote

Deus Ex - 1 vote

Out of the Park Baseball - 1 vote

Dark Age of Camelot - 1 vote

Wolfenstein 3-D - 1 vote

Il-2 Sturmovik - 1 vote

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - 1 vote

Heroes of Might and Magic - 1 vote

Star Control - 1 vote

Sins of a Solar Empire - 1 vote

Panzer General - 1 vote

Sundog - 1 vote

Total War - 1 vote

Monkey Island - 1 vote

Mechwarrior - 1 vote

Panzer Dragoon Saga - 1 vote

Total Annihilation - 1 vote

Quest for Glory - 1 vote

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 1 vote

M.U.L.E. - 1 vote

Myth - 1 vote

Titan Quest - 1 vote

Super Mario Brothers - 1 vote


each game represents your favorite in the series

What if I love Master of orion 1, but really dislike Master of Orion 2?
I really don’t want to taint my vote for the beautiful MoO1 with the crappy MoO2. :P

It represents the game that you like. So yes, that would be the one to go for :)

I’m sure I’m not alone in being utterly unable to compare my love for games in different genres. I mean, I can easily say that Rock Band 2 stands head and shoulders above every other fake plastic rock game, but how on earth can I weigh it against Alpha Centauri? Apart from giving it input that determines success or failure, there are zero gameplay elements in common. Then you add Symphony of the Night and Majesty and Portal into the mix, and it’s an unsolvable conundrum.

Also: Arkham Asylum? You think a game that’s been out less than three months can stand toe to toe with the most venerable franchises in PC gaming, some of which have upwards of a dozen iterations?

It’s hard to look back and decide sometimes, because I’ll admit to having some of the best times while playing Counter-Strikle, but also having amazing times playing WoW. Still… as a game, both Baldur’s Gate games are nearly flawless.

Outcast is my all-time favourite game. The degree of freedom and amount of different player abilities in an interesting, intelligently behaving world with deep, engrossing content takes you to another world. Still an unmatched achievement in game and world design.

Entries that are missing:

Deus Ex
System Shock


I’m strongly considering picking Batman:AA as my favorite game, that’s how incredible my experience with that game was, but I would have to overlook it’s short duration and replay value. And you’re right it has some heavy competition on that list.

You can only put 20 games on a poll, if you select ‘other’ just list your personal favorite in a comment.

power overwhelming
operation cwal
show me the money
food for thought

Also it had Turrent Defence 9000 Alpha. The original and the best.

Your list lacks:

  1. Tetris!

  2. My personal all-time favorite: Wizball

Wizball is exotic I admit but the lack of Tetris is a massive fail! :p

I just added Wizball to the ‘Others’ list just below the main list :)

Alright though I bet it will stay at 1 vote. Damn kids today have no clue about classics! ;)

It was a toss up between Tribes, Deus Ex 1, Fallout 1 and EverQuest, so I chose the one actually on the list.

Where’s Elite?

Fucking kids.

My copy is on a floppy disc probably in a landfill somewhere slowly degrading over the next 100 years.

Tie Fighter.


I mean, wait, no. Pass. Doh!


Batman: Arkham Asylum?? In a list with timeless classics with Civilizaiton, Xcom, Planescape Torment, etc?

Oh well, i voted other: