The Big Lebowski - Walter is a Neo-con

I suppose I could post this in Movies, but I figured P&R could use a break from All Palin All The Time and consider the philosophical underpinnings of a different fictional character.

his last scene, if filmed today, would almost certainly be taken as an allegory about the younger Bush’s war. The police have recovered the car, and the Dude has found, wedged between the seats, a page of homework belonging to one Larry Sellers. Walter figures out Larry’s address and arrives at his house, the Dude in tow, the homework in a plastic bag. He then makes a brief presentation:

No escape! I think it’s clear Bunny Lebowski is Palin. How’re you going to keep 'em in Alaska once they’ve seen McHungus?

Shit! That means Hillary is Maude Lebowski - "Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski? "

Yeah… I saw that article in slate. I don’t get it. It’s such an obvious point, why did the author write the article? I had assumed that it was just because he (or she) needed to meet a deadline, but… it got linked here, which makes me wonder if anyone doubted that Walter was in the same mold as a neocon. The only difference is that Walter is working class, while most neocons seem to come from the upper classes.

Hillary totally would’ve secured the nomination if she started every stump speech by flying in on wires while spattering her supporters with paint, too.

“You can guess where it goes from here.”
“He fixes the country?”
“Don’t be facetious.”

Walter is based on John Milius.