The Big Unit dominates!

Well its been a pretty crappy year for the D-backs so far but Randy has breathed a tiny bit of life into the team with the 17th perfect game in history. He’s the oldest player to do it too.

Its pretty amazing to see to guys like Randy and Rodger Cleamons perform the way they are at 40+ years old.

Very impressive. I’m not a Diamondbacks fan, but I am a baseball fan. It’s always good to see an excellent performance.

By Johnson, no less… a no-hitter I can understand, but control issues really creep up on him… it’s amazing he didn’t walk anyone.

Bad two-day blow for Atlanta though… I mean, one day you have Ben Sheets mowing down 2 out of every 3 batters… than you get a perfect game thrown against you. Yikes.

— Alan

Maybe 10 years ago, but he’s had pretty low walk rates since he got his shit together. The most hitters he’s walked in a year–and keep in mind, he’s usually throwing 240-280 innings–is about 75.

An absolutely amazing performance by one of my all-time favorite pitchers.

(And yet another guy that my Expos let get away.)


His last pitch was 98mph! I can throw that fast…or I will be able to when I am Randy’s age. I am only 30 now, so I have some time to work on it.

Try steroids, I hear they make you throw really hard.

I’m deeply mortified that Johnson’s achievement–a very memorable one I might add–came at the expense of the Braves, who apparently took the Detroit Tigers’ 2003 season strategy and are busily implementing it in Atlanta.

Oh the humanity!

The Mariners-leaving jerk, anyway!

Ah, I haven’t seen Johnson pitch that much since… shit, Seattle I guess… guess he really did get his shit together.

— Aaln