The Biggest Loser showcases the biggest bitch

Anyone watching this tonight? Did you notice that when the old guy collapsed early on–his wife talked about “OMG it’s so horrible because I realize now it’s a matter of WHEN I lose him not IF”…and then she DIDN’T GO WITH HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!

The bitch talked about “wow I feel so bad I couldn’t go with him to the hospital but I know he’s getting really good care.” Guess it was more important to be in the !#@@#@ show than to know how her husband was? Screw her!

When you look into the void the void also looks into you.

E5, which Biggest Loser?

My girlfriend and as such I watch this show. All I want to say is that the producers outdid themselves for this year. Only the wifey on the white team would fit in to last season’s cast. Everyone else would be absolutely fucking enormous, a standout. It’s almost too much.

And that guy Ron on the brown (?) team has the most disgusting stomach I have ever seen. He looks like a crustacean. It’s horrid.

I really hope these people get their shit straight because of this show, because they truly need it.