The Bird Thread (That is Interesting)

At the suggestion of @RichVR here is a thread to post bird pics and discuss bird related topics.

To start things off, here is is Pinkerton, my Rose Breasted (AKA Gallah) Cockatoo eating a french fry:

And here is Peanut, my Meyer’s Parrot:

Marvelous! I will add some soon.

Cool birds. I own no birds but watch them out the window :) Both the male cardinal and one of the bluejays I see outside have gone bald recently. I think I’m more distressed than they are :(

Hmm… well, you could have named this the “Living Dinosaur Thread,” but still, I am very hyped for the bird pics and bird talk here. I don’t own any, and I’m not good enough with a camera to catch a pic of any, but I’m an enthusiastic observer.

But why?

Young Beaker.

Bird photography is one of my hobbies. Here are a few Australian birds, mostly from the Sydney region.
Some photos are cropped - click on them for the full image

Pacific Duck
Google Photos

Nankeen Kestrel cliff surfing (short video)

Rainbow lorikeets
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Noisy Miner
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Google Photos

Crested Pigeon
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White-faced heron
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White-plumed honeyeater (from Uluru)
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Crimson Rosella
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Red-browed finches
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Australian magpie
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Spotted pardalote
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Wood duck
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Eastern spinebill
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Golden whistler
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Powerful owl fledgling
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White-browed scrub wren
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Rufous fantail
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Long-billed corellas
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A pair of Tawny Frogmouths (my favourite bird)
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Eastern yellow robin
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Osprey (is judging you)
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SIMON these are incredible! I am suddenly also a fan of the tawny frogmouth!

Thank you Nightgaunt. I still have so much to learn! There are photographers who catch birds on the wing in sharper focus than my photos of birds sitting still.

More Tawny Frogmouth (so adorable)

It’s gonna get real in here when @fire finds this thread.

Wow those photos are awesome!

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on my porch with my caseworker and a hawk landed on the porch railing with little angry birds buzzing it.

Sometimes a falcon hangs out in the neighbor’s yard and tries to catch a squirrel but the squirrel is about the same weight and is just like, “Fuck off dude.”

Those are my bird stories.


PS. I hear dead people owls at night too. I live in the city.

I’ll play!

That’s not a bird! That’s lunch.

Here is my Beaker… 23 year old African Grey who has been with me since he was weaned.

He’s a handful, and way too smart for his own good. He keeps us in stitches with the things he comes out with and repeats. He whistles all sorts of video game music that we’ve taught him (the Monkey Island theme, the Majesty jingle, some Animal Crossing music) as well as some TV/Movie music (the Game of Thrones theme song, the Star Wars Imperial Death March). He doesn’t whistle any of these in their entirety, and he often goes a bit freestyle with them halfway through, hehe.

He was cuddly in his younger years, but Greys are not really known to be cuddly birds, and ever since my other two bird passed, he’s been crankier… he’s now an only bird. He gets loads of attention, and he knows that my husband and I are members of his flock, but we can’t be with him 24/7, and I think he misses having the other two there with him.

His former flockmates (who I miss terribly):

Mickey, a blue crowned conure. She passed away at 22 several years back. Blue crowns generally live from 20-30 years, and the vet had said she’s always happy to see a conure make it to 20.

Mickey was very ill at the end, and I had planned to bring her to the vet in the morning, but had a feeling she wouldn’t make it through the night. I got up that morning and uncovered Beaker’s cage first, then Mickey’s, and saw her on the bottom of her cage. As I started to cry, Beaker very quietly said, “I’m sorry.” Which of course only made me cry harder. :(

Rufus, peach faced lovebird. So much personality in this tiny little bundle. He passed a year or two before Mickey at age 19, which is positively ancient for a lovebird. But other than slowing down a little in his later years, he never looked his age, and everyone at vet always commented on how healthy he was. He never gave any indication that he was sick… he just passed one night, and it was his time.

There are birds in here? Awesome!

This is a chick. Can you guess the species?

I’m thinking good old domesticated chicken?

Great pictures! We don’t have any birds but our new house is among the Mississippi River bluffs and in winter bald eagles nest in the area. We are looking forward to seeing them. We’ve been told they will sometimes perch in our trees when they take a break from fishing in the river.

We do see hawks and egrets all the time.

Sure those aren’t mourning doves? They are conceptually related to dead people.

Who’s a little powerful owl? You are! You are!

I’d guess, but you already told us in the Slack!