The Black Lives Matter movement


How full?

I could easily see myself doing the same in some possible futures.


It was Christmas of 2009 so my memory is hazy.

I recall having to open and sample 6 boxes and that was maybe half of what I was carrying.

The local supermarket had a buy one get one free offer on so I took advantage.


I have no idea what this terminology is referring to lol. Quality used as as a noun? futures?


I just figure it’s crack or something. Who the fuck knows.


Quality street. Street. What is street made of? Asphalt. So two suitcases full of quality asphalt.



I’m sticking with asphalt.


Hahahahaha. I seriously could not figure it out, drugs or something else that needed some odd slang?


They’re worse than drugs. !


My waistline agrees, lol


I’m sure these stories aren’t related.

Stiffing a waitress on her tip is bad enough, but giving a racist excuse is even worse.

Ask Jasmine Brewer, a waitress who works at Applebee’s in Radcliff, Kentucky.


I wonder why this guy likes killing things for sport so much? What’s he trying to work out?


Probably takes after his dad in the mushroom department.



She probably ran home and told all her friends and family that she was trying to be “sure,” better safe than sorry, and they all nod telling each other how not racist they are.


Better safe than sorry, unless it’s a white guy, then we need more due process.


It’s so frustrating to see something like this because you know, you know they are patting themselves on the back saying they were just being safe and then pointing at liberals saying they get outraged by everything. There is no way that woman is calling the cops on every guy out there she sees alone with kids.


I remember reading an article about a white guy getting cops called on him, guns drawn, etc because he was taking his bi-racial granddaughter for a walk. I think they shoved him in the back of a cruiser, called CPA or whatever. Scared the shit out of the kid.

People just seem to freak out whenever the skin colours don’t match.

Edit: Looks like she wasn’t biracial:


We should never forget this guy…

Zeigler maintained that he believed Brennan was a threat. But Pace showed him the video and asked him to point out where the teenager had shown bad intentions.

Zeigler “took a big drink of water, he looked at me, and he said, ‘I’m tired of being a victim,’ ” Pace testified.


Just wait until he’s a victim in prison. I predict he’ll be more tired.