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I don’t know if it’s a true story or not, and I don’t really know how I could know it. But what I can’t figure out is why it matters to some people so much, why they’re working so hard to find and offer reasons not to believe the guy.

Yes, exactly. Maybe that will prove a dead end, but at least it’s effort spent in the right direction.


An unnecessary engagement with the cops that, fortunately, didn’t end in actual death.


More on the calculator incident.

This is quite a read


So yeah, it was for a calculator, or i guess suspicion of some calculator stealing ring or something. So not drugs, there never any reason to even think it had anything to do with drugs in the first place.


Well, there more to it than i had originally believed. That being said, his original recollection isn’t exactly what happened.

Based on what he says here:

McKelvey said he once accidentally stole a calculator on loan from the school library.

He had kept the device after it was due, he said, and sold it in a panic for $20. Some of McKelvey’s friends, he said, would sell calculators obtained by other means.

“We were kids,” McKelvey said. “One of my friends stole an entire cart of them and basically was handing them out, and everyone all of a sudden could have $20 at any time. The point is we should have got detention, not warrants.”

A few things are problematic about that.

First he admits to stealing a calculator… But in that admission, he kind of bullshits about it. I mean, you don’t “panic” about keeping it, and then as a result, sell it. That’s kind of bull, right?

And then the part about his friend stealing a whole cart of the school’s calculators? I mean, at some point, you are stealing a non trivial amount of money from a public school… Which doesn’t tend to have tons of extra money.

So it’s a little different than his original story, right?


We’re still talking about… calculators.


Even after all that, I still believe it was a disproportionate response to the nature of the accusation. I knew kids that did this kind of stuff in my high school. It was a mark on the record and the parents were made to pay for the replacement materials. Maybe sometimes a suspension. No police response needed.


Yes, and i admit that more happened than i believed.

But there is in fact a difference between stealing a single calculator, and a situation where they were stealing all of the school’s calculators.

And apparently, by his own admission, he did in fact know who was stealing all the calculators.

Certainly you find it problematic that he’s pretending that he sold stolen goods “in a panic”.

I mean, you don’t just panic and sell stolen stuff.


Who is they? The charges were dropped. Yeah he says he stole a calculator, once. That doesn’t mean he stole them all. He did dumb kid things while being a dumb kid. Most people don’t get what was it, 6 officers at their house over this stuff. I know kids that stole textbooks, and believe me, those were not cheap, No one showed up at their houses, took their computers for a long period of time and only to return them later with no charges.

This only happened because there was an issue between that cop and that kid which only happened because they stationed a cop there in the first place.

I am not sure why the cop was put there in the first place but this is not protection.

You’d be amazed at how dumb kids can be. Simply amazed. I’ve worked with troubled youth before, in a program… the things they do was just amazing.


He and his friends.
By his own admission.


These are high school friends. He didn’t admit to being part of some big stolen calculator ring. Did you know what all your friends did in High School? Come on. This was years go. Kids showed up with actual guns at school and got less attention than that. Hell someone walked off with three computers at college and they didn’t do the things described here.


But he said that he did in fact know that his friend stole a whole cart of calculators and was handing them out to their friends to sell.

I mean, he said it.


Yes, but that doesn’t mean he was as part of it. They entered his house, not the other kids. It is perfectly normal for a high school kid to not want to rat out their friend. That is not nefarious at all. It’s not even uncommon. The cop also claims they found info on the laptop but then… never charged them. If there was enough info there, why didn’t they charge anyone?

The cop also said to listen to him, to see his perceptive on that encounter too.


Yeah, which doesn’t really seem to be in line with a really evil cop who had it out to get this guy.

We now know that he actually did in fact steal at least one calculator, and he did in fact know at least one person who stole a bunch of them. So it wasn’t like the cop’s suspicions were unfounded.

Given that some of this kid’s original version of the story wasn’t quite true, it may be that other parts involved a bit of hyperbole.


Fine, when kids steal calculators we should send armed police to their doors. Now let’s sit back and wait for all the other stories to start rolling in in from all across the nation, presumably most of them would be white kids telling these stores since there are still way more of them than black kids or…

Kids steal stuff. When it’s at the or involves school property it usually involves a reprimand, suspension and paying it back… not jail and armed cops… and again, they did not charge him.


I didn’t.


You think no one at your school ever stole anything, your entire school, hell even your graduating class? You guys never had mutilated textbooks, missing supplies, missing calculators. Okay. Whatever. We should clearly send 6-7 cops to every missing items, maybe only 2 if it’s crayons.


I didn’t say no one ever stole stuff.

I said that I didn’t.


I get that you didn’t want to believe him, that you thought he has some sort of nefarious scheme going on and that his story wasn’t on the level.

I never expected his story to be 100%. There is no evidence that he’s some sort corrupt guy just trying to get his clicks up, and after all that, at the end of the day, they did not even charge him. He is not some sort of lifelong criminal here. He was probably a stupid kid, making not the best choices and probably not remembering things just right. Even the cop though says we should listen to him, and none of this changes the fact that a police presence in schools is not always a good thing. We don’t need our police out there protecting our calculators.


At this point I’d just be repeating myself, so I’ll just let it go.