The Black Lives Matter movement


What is it that white folks are so scared of? I’d like to know if I should be afraid. I mean, as a minority, I might be a threat to myself and not even know it.


It’s an intimidation power trip.


A misunderstanding? What kind of “misunderstanding” has someone call the cops on someone in the lobby of a hotel…Oh I see. It’s a black man in a hoodie. I forgot hoodie privileges are reserved for only certain people.


Yeah, it’s BS.
Hotel Guest: “And I stay here?”
Racist: “Not anymore.”

There’s no misunderstanding.


If I were a cop I’d be all up in the face of the jerk who called 911 and then apologizing profusely to the individual who was reported. In fact I’d give him my card and say if anyone bothered you again like this you give me a call.


Cops only seem to have the power to make death decisions, not logical ones. They usually come out saying something like they have to respond to a business when they call.

I would just like to know what the misunderstanding is that they said happened.


Yeah, I mean naively one might expect cops to enforce the law rather than just doing what the business owner wants



Through his attorneys, Massey has asked the Portland DoubleTree to explain why they considered him a threat to hotel security, and why security even questioned him in the first place.

I’d like to know this too. What was happening that they found so threatening? What was this misunderstanding?


Gonna be hard for the officers to find a reason random dudes off the street are allowed to kick people.


On the tv report last night, they identified the other guys as “undercover police officers,” though they didn’t give any evidence.


The following is a true story;
I was driving along a road when I saw a man in a stolen car try to run over a cop in order to leave a parking lot. The cop pulled one of the most bad-ass moves I’ve ever seen by leaping on the hood of the car, reaching into the open driver-side window, and force the wheel over so it hit a tree. Thankfully, the car didn’t have enough space to pick up speed so the cop was able to hang on. The driver tried to get out and run via the passenger side, but the cop being right there was easily able to get to the door and tackled him to the ground.

I’d stopped my car and got out to offer assistance while he struggled with criminal, but the cop said—and I’ll never forget this—a cheery “Nah, I got this!” the moment before he took the guys knees out, brought him to the ground face-down (grass, not concrete) and cuffed him in almost a single move.

The criminal had just tried to run him over. No abuse from the cop, no kicks, no nothing. And then I see absolute BS like this stuff, and I wonder WTH happened to this world.


I saw this video yesterday… I work around there. The Dominicans on the video are funny. So the woman is saying…

“ay pero son guapos” - they are real mad/angry
Woman tells me man, “oiga le volaron eso dos tigueres a eso dos policias para comerselo que fue”. This is very slang and hard to translate, maybe it’s Cuban. So those two no-good hoodlums flew by or they are crazy, then they went past the two cops to ‘fuck them’

she continues, “yes because (the cops) were telling them that they move and they didn’t want to and between the two of them they hit? (volaron) the cop. Yeah, to that bald one, le volaron (they hit him?) between the two of them, right here, in the middle of the road”

0:24 sec now the man says “wow.” Again she says “listen it was to fuck him taht they hit him between the two of them” this is the third fourth time.
0:30 sec The man now speaks and his Spanish makes more sense. “Es que los tigueres son frescos aqui”, translation: it’s that the ‘hoodlums’ are ‘fragrantly shameless’ here. They both agree the victims are the ones in the wrong, they call them no good delinquents and say they hit the cop first.

Woman says she was crossing the street had to run over to safety there. The cops told them to move from there because … this part is unclear, they had the “cande” to stay standing on that corner.

Man: “Now they are beaten and are gonna go to jail”
Woman: “Yep” (the tone is serves them right), “they are beaten and gonna go to jail, you know it!” to another woman I think, “They hit that policeman, it’s good that they get beaten.”

0:55s the other woman is yelling “it’s because they wanna beg/ask for money in the corners, they don’t wanna work.”

I read a local article somewhere, it claimed one of the people beaten brags about getting into fights with cops, this is the fourth time, and he brags he just wants more settlement money.

Ok found a longer video but the audio is not as clear:


When this story was on the news Wednesday (I think) they showed a video of one of the beaten guys bragging about f*ing up the police with his hands. And the narrator also related how prior to the video those guys were hanging around a subway stop and were bothering people (and had been told to move). So I don’t think we get the whole story from the videos.



I love how we are pretending like pardoning guys after they are dead matters at all.

They are fucking dead. We already fucked them over. Pardoning then at this point is just some bullshit theater so we can feel better about ourselves.

Fuck that. People should feel bad.

Go help guys in jail NOW who are falsely imprisoned. I’m pretty sure there are a few of them.


It was supposed to make the families feel better. The old white bitch made it worse.


Pardoning the deceased is more for the living. It changes a narrative they have had to live with their entire lives. And them getting that pardon doesn’t mean others shouldn’t also receive justice.


Overt racism is alive and well in Ohio. That’s no secret, but we could use a lot more coverage of it.


Holy crap. People are gross.


I wonder how many morning shows will invite them on to talk about how badly they were treated?